Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blessings in the form of friends.

You know those kind of friends who just make you feel good when you are with them...
This is one of those families.
This is the family that without "talking me into it", talked me into Home schooling. Cassie's outlook on life is so similar to mine.
It was her blog about why she was going to start homeschooling that pushed me into the home school world. I was already on the fence but this was definitely the final push. The blog expressed how they were less concerned with how smart their kids were and more concerned with how spiritually sound they are. 
She also emphasizes the importance of a strong sense of family. Something I can't say enough about.

Each time we hang out I leave the day feeling uplifted, encouraged, and... well... just good about the direction I am going in life. 
Matching bathing suits! Thanks guys!

Watching our kids play so well together is great. They are just like pea's in a pod. For the moms, we always have the best conversations. And every time I express discouragement or frustration with any thing Cassie encourages me with her natural positive outlook and knowledge of scripture.
Everyone needs a Cassie in their pocket!
On this day their crew came to swim... and of course like every other day this summer it was raining with rumblings of thunder. The kids were all in their suits ready to swim but neither Cassie nor I wanted six giant french fries so we entertained them with snacks as long as we could... Then we had to pull out the hose!
The boys naturally LOVED this as can be seen in the following pictures.

Finley decided to try and join in the fun..
Before you knew it the older girls were contemplating joining in although I don't think they ever actually committed to the festivities.
One can only be entertained by the hose for so long... soooo they headed to the playroom and...
yeah the boys thought they would be comedians! They raided Maylin's dress up clothes and came out for a great laugh!
Finley didn't think they were all that funny.  :)
Then thankfully/finally the sun started poking through and the thunder subsided!
Now it was SWIM TIME!
Slip and slide!

Chicken fight without the fighting... They kind of just walked around each other and laughed uncontrollably.
Either way they were having a great time.  It was an afternoon that went way too quickly. I cherish days we spend with these guys and always hate for them to end.
I am not sure what we are going to do when they move to Costa Rica next year. We will definitely miss our home school buddies.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Look what I caught!

Why did it take me all this time to think of this game?

All afternoon in the pool the kids say "Mom do this...", Mom go under", "Mom play with me!"
Now I can sit on the steps of the pool cast  and play 'cat and mouse' with the kids! They'll play for hours. They are entertained and getting worn out. I am playing with them and I get to relax!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just doing what they do...

Pierson being all boy and riding as fast as he can
and turning corners as hard as he can.
Maylin being as graceful as she can. "See how I can hold my leg up and point my toes!"
Pierson playing a little basketball...
and throwing as hard as he can!
Maylin doing what she does...
with legs as
straight as she can!