Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration

Last weekend Adam and I decided to try and take the kids to a CNY Celebration. Adam searched online for several options before we decided we would go to a 'free' one at Davidson University. You can't beat free!!! Off we went! After a 50 minute drive we parked on campus and walked around until we found the building we were looking for. The kids were very excited because we promised them we would get to see a dancing dragon. We walked into the building expecting to find a lot going on... "Maybe we are early?" I said... "Maybe it is upstairs?" Adam questioned. While I kept the kids occupied Adam walked around in search of the festivities. When he came back I knew something was wrong. The sheepish grin on his face said it all. "Woops! It's tomorrow night!" 

At least we got a cute picture of the kids on the big swing in the middle of campus. : )

After a few minutes of contemplation we decided to head down to another college campus and see what was going on. We really didn't want to because it was going to cost $60 for the four of us but the kids were really worked up about seeing a dragon. So off we went. As it turned out we missed much of the evening (dinner and children's activities) but the evening show was about to start. Adam walked in to see if we could get tickets and the woman said "I sorry, the show full. No more tickets."
Disappointed Adam came back to the kids and I and suggested we at least walk in because the performers were all out in the hall practicing in costume. That would be better than nothing. As we stood in the lobby watching all the commotion the lady must have had a change of heart when she saw our Asian kids. She came over and said "You go in! Only $25 It Chinese New Year no one need to miss it!" Adam had to run back to the car to get money because we didn't think we needed it. While we were waiting for him to get back we could hear the Chinese Drums starting up. The woman came over and said. "Go Go Go! I tell your husband where you are. Is room upstairs! Don't miss anything! Go Go Go!"  Franticly she rushed us up the stairs to see the show. I just have to note there were plenty of seats available in the balcony.  Eventually Adam found us. (The lady wasn't there when he got back and he didn't know where we were! lol)
Overall it was an interesting evening. Some of the performances were really good, other's... well they were entertaining. Most were traditional... others... not so much. The rest of the night looked something like this...
Nontraditional street dancing. (This was Pierson's favorite act!)
The kids enjoying the show. I think Pierson was mesmerized by this guy!
Strange but beautiful Chinese instrument.
Cute little girls dancing with fans.
More Dancing.
And more dancing! These "Pink girls" were Maylin's favorite. Funny because they were also not traditional dance. Oh well. We try.
Happy Chinese New Year!


Kristi said...

Sounds like a great time even with the mixup!
And I like the new look...

Amy Murphy said...

That is so great. Maybe some time I'll get my act together, and our family will go somewhere to see some Chinese celebrations.
I love your new blog design!

Grandma Shultz said...

Glad that you got to see the performance. Maylin talked about the little girls dancing with fans.
Too bad you didn't get to see a dragon.