Monday, April 30, 2012

An April Swim.

 oh yeah... it was cold.
 I wasn't sure Maylin was actually going to get past the stairs.
 eventually she made it...
 but not for long! :) Can you see the goose bumbs?
Thanks Rollers/Johnsons for having us over for brisk early spring swim! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boone Part II

Day two at Grandpa's we drove up to the SMALL town of Todd. First thing we did was eat lunch at the General Store. It was very good and the perfect energy boost before our bike ride of the day.  
 The store doesn't look like much on the outside but on the inside it is full of awesome character and yummy food!
 Maylin and Grandma Claire getting ready for the ride.
 Before we really got going we had to stop at the old caboose. The kids had a great time climbing and pretending to be train conductors.
 We rode for a while and then stopped to take a break by the river. The temperature was absolutely perfect, the scenery was breathtaking and the sound of the water rippling made me want to stay there all day long.
 Pierson was having fun playing by the waters edge.
 Grandma and Grandpa also enjoyed the chance to take in the peace that surrounded us.
 Pierson and Maylin reenacted the Titanic.
 Photo opp.
 We had reached the "almost" point-of-no-return. Between Pierson's bike being too small and this being the second day of riding little legs were getting tired. Instead of going to the end we listened to the plea's of the little ones who decided this point would be the end. It was that or figure a way to tow their bikes back. :)
Maylin making a b-line back to town. 
 Once we got back to Grandpa's house the kids wanted to make sure the Dr. was OK. They checked his heart rate and
 took his temperature. Except for being ornery fortunately this Dr. was fine.
 While Grandma Claire was cooking spagehtti sauce from scratch (which my kids devoured!) the kids flipped
 explored Daddy's childhood tree house
 drew pictures
 and climbed trees.
 Soon enough Claire was calling us into dinner! I'd say Pierson was excited about spaghetti! It took him no time at all to get up to the house.
It was another great day! Thanks for everything Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lets just say that Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire know how to plan a great weekend! If you can't tell the kids think so too! 
We arrived in Boone around dinner time on Thursday evening and headed out to Mellow Mushroom for pizza. YUM!

The next morning we had a relaxing morning then headed out to hit the Greenway trial for a little bike riding.
Yeah I had to roll up my pant legs.. they were getting stuck in the chain.. and I have the hole in my pants leg to prove it. Hot right?! LOL
It was an awesomely relaxing ride. We rolled along at an easy pace. We stopped and playing in a creek.
Climbed some rocks. 
Pretended to be great explorers.  Well at least one of us. Maylin wasn't convinced by Pierson's acting skills.
We glided along. It was great and relaxing and the weather; we couldn't have ordered better weather!
For most of us the ride was perfectly smooth. For Pierson... the ride was long and tiresome. I had not realized how long his legs were getting in comparison to the height of his bike. He was pumping and pumping and pumping. Poor guy. A child's bike does not really lend to coasting. If you want to keep moving forward you have to keep peddling. For him that meant he was practically eating his knees. He was a trooper though.  We moved a little slower but kept on going. I guess we are going to need a new bike soon. His only request is that it be big and have brakes on the handles like ours were.
Conveniently where we started and ended the ride was an awesome playground.
We didn't hear any complaints about that. Only thing we heard was "Watch this!"
We topped the afternoon off with a stop for frozen yogurt! Followed later by delicious homemade spaghetti then settling down with in-home cinema 'Puss in Boots'. 
Great day! Thanks Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog-techy-people why do you make changes to the way this blog is set up and how I post things... You make me crazy.

To everyone else sorry for the delay in blogging. I had a great blog almost ready to publish about our nice weekend in Boone last weekend.... before I got a chance to edit it these blog people change how everything is set and and now I can't figure out how to get back to my saved blog entry or edit anything. UGH.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Day

Easter day was another whirlwind of fun and laughter. We stared the day by going to church. Since Adam and I had to be at church by 7:45 we decided that the Easter bunny would come after church. When we got home we took pictures (shown a few blog posts earlier) and then the kids and the daddy's went to the pond to release the minnows they caught the day before at the park. 
Did I say kids? ...I meant super heros!  Buzz trying to take flight.
captain America clearing the way.
Releasing the minnows! Yeah! They are much happier now! ... well most of them. :o
Amazingly while they were gone releasing the fish the Easter Bunny showed up with Easter baskets! That tricky rabbit! ;)
Maylin's life was made a little brighter with post-it notes, pens and stickers.
Pierson is seeing a little more clearly with binoculars...
and a handy explorers vest! The Easter bunny only brings a few pieces of candy to our house. Fortunately those pieces of candy fit perfectly in his new vest!
Maylin couldn't have been more excited to see a pack of 200 sheets of construction paper. Have I told you how much she likes paper?  Oh yeah, paper is the way to her heart!

Grandma had some crafts for the kids to do while they waited for lunch. They all did a great job decorating the foam eggs with foam stickers.  It was fun. What was even more fun was the tiny pieces of white paper backing EVERYWHERE when they were finished! :)
Good job Darcy Q!
It is amazing how that Easter bunny shows up while the kids are occupied. during all the craft and lunch commotion the Easter bunny hid eggs in the yard! Here all of our little bunnies were lined up and ready to hunt!
The bunny hop!
May the best hunter win!

After eggs were found, and candy sorted the boys decided to play a little bit of baseball in the yard.

I just love Daniels smile!
And yet another activity! Ayi (aka Aunt Kristi) taught the kids how to make Resurrection rolls. Yeah I didn't know how to either. What you do is dip a marshmallow in melted butter, followed by rolling it in cinnamon and sugar. When it is nice and sticky you wrap it in a croissant.  The marshmallow represents Jesus as he was wrapped and prepared for burial. Wrapping Him up in the croissant is like putting him in the tomb.  Then you bake the yummy treat like you would a normal croissant. When it is done and cooled for a few minutes it is ready to crack open and find that Jesus is resurrected!
Where, oh where did that marshmallow go?
After stuffing our tummies yet again it was time to catch worms! Just call her "Worm Girl!"

Pierson had to test out his new vest and binoculars! Oh yeah there is my little explorer! I love the crooked helmet, plaid shorts, sandals and explorer vest look! ;)
Happy Easter! I hope your day was filled with as many giggles, treats and love as ours! Praise God He is alive!