Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I must say that we have been BUSY around here recently. It all started Friday night at the school carnival. Followed by Saturday night at the Church carnival. Then Trick or Treating tonight. 
It is safe to say that this Mommy is Halloween-ed out! :) And I think KNOW it is safe to say my kids are 'sugar-ed' out!
(Allow me to take a moment and say THANK YOU Grandma Ann for making such amazing costumes for the kids! They have LOVED them!)
 We start with none other than "Pirate Pierson". 
 Watch out Daddy. I am not sure you are a match for the fastest Pirate in town.
 Now, may I present you to Princess Maylin, aka Cinderella.  This princess liked to twirl and spin and bow.
 She looked beautiful... I think she knew it!
 Yes I know it is Halloween and there are a lot of awesome costumes (along with some silly costumes) out there, but I have to say I think these two take the cake.
Pierson even wore his costume most of the day Sunday. He didn't seem to mind that we weren't going anywhere. He just wanted to be a pirate... so a pirate he was. All day long. 

 A handsome pirate at that!

 I think they were relishing the spotlight.
 Ah Hoy Matey!
Who goes there?
Even though they were totally engrossed into their perspective characters they each quickly snapped back into the role of Pierson and Maylin at each of the Carnivals we attended. 
 Kids will be kids. It was fun to watch them interact with friends from school as they showed off their costumes and admired the outfits of others.
 I am pretty sure Cinderella never held a gun?
 Or climbed rock walls.
Maybe she showed off her artwork at school, 

 But I definitely don't think she dug through the straw like a gopher in the dirt. I love that my girly girl isn't afraid to be tom boy!
Over all we have a great weekend with our guests Pirate Pierson and Princess Maylin. But I must say I am glad to be getting back to normal and consuming a LOT less candy! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mermaids or Pirates

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I were having a typical walk through the woods. Nothing out of the ordinary. Pierson was carrying his latest sword. (He is going to be a pirate for Halloween... hence the new sword).  Maylin was carrying her new photo album her wallet and a pencil to "Draw nature". Again nothing out of the ordinary.
Pierson was "hacking" his way through the forest.
We even stopped to take a picture on the "big down tree".
We stayed away from the "awigators" and pretended to be rescued by Captain Pierson.
I admired God's natural beauty. 

The kids climbed the "curly tree".
Maylin sat in her favorite spot, looked through her photo album and drew a little bit.

... Then it happened. "KER PLUNK!"  We heard a unusually loud splosh in the water. Hmm... I thought maybe a bull frog? But I saw no evidence of one swimming away. OK? "Continue on," I figured thought.
... "KER PLUNK!" again there were rings in the water but nothing moving. I was a bit baffled because I couldn't figure out what would be making such a thud without me seeing evidence.  I was curious... not alarmed, just curious. After staring at the water for a couple of minutes waiting for it to happen again I gave up. But of course as soon as I turn my head. "KER PLUNK"  

I don't know what tipped the kids off. Was it my reaction or were they finding the plop and ripples as fascinating as I was? I'll never really know but their reactions were priceless!

 Piersons: "Aw Wight Baa Guys! Come out. I know you dare! (pause) Mommy, I tink dere awe Piwates out dare. Gon't worwy, I save you an May-Yen".

 With the slightest shake of her head, wink and subtle grin Maylin looked at me as if to say, "Silly Pierson, there are no such thing as pirates." Followed by a very confident, 
"MERW-MAID! Come out Merw-Maid! 


"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see."
-Duane Michals

Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Music with Daddy

Having a musically oriented Daddy can be a lot of fun.
Pierson and Maylin love making their own music. They sing, play piano, and beat drums. They giggle and laugh. But at the end of the "recording session" they get a CD of their very own "music". 
Of course the fact that Daddy knows how to edit out the "mistakes" and turn their work into something that makes a bit of sense helps just a little. :) 

 Maybe one day they will be as musically gifted as their Daddy!
But for now we are just having fun exploring instruments and making new beats! Play on kids. Play on. 
 Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. -Ronald Reagan. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It Is Funny How...

much like Adam and I our kids are. If anyone doesn't think God hand picked them for our family they clearly don't know our family very well. 
Pierson wants to "help people" just like his Daddy. He thinks carrying nails in his pocket is super cool. He lives to serve. I know all too soon he will be a proud CCC staff person. Being a disciple of Jesus, carrying a hammer in his pocket along with directions to the next "person in need"'s house.
He takes things seriously just like his Daddy too. He is a problem solver. When he does something (other than playing a superhero) he takes great care and plans it out to make sure it is done just right. I love to watch the wheels turning in that little head of his! 

 Maylin likes to help people too, however her first passion is art! Chalk, paint, crayon, pencil, pen, marker, glue... it doesn't matter. If you can make something with it she is in love with it. From the perspective of a biased art teacher/Mommy she is pretty darn good at it too!
Maylin skips through life. She is a little happy-go-lucky. She definitely jumps before she looks to see how high the cliff is. Planning isn't her forte.  ...I don't know anyone else who fits these descriptions. Do you? ;)  Every once in a while there is a bit of drama, but mostly she hops her way through the rain cloud to the ray of sunshine on the other side.  

"Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
you didn't grow under my heart but in it."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

He Has a Heart of Gold

  My sweet little Pierson amazes me time and time again with his tenderheartedness and compassion. He tries to be a good little helper and aims to please. When his good deeds go unnoticed he doesn't pout or shout. He quietly goes on his way. Every once in a while he will look up and wait for someone to make eye contact with him to show their approval.
Part of this behavior I believe is still him trying to win acceptance and seek approval. He has won the hearts of this family for sure but his insecurities come with his past. Don't get me wrong I love that he loves to help. But I do hope that one day he will feel secure enough to know that he doesn't have to do these things for approval.
Several weeks ago we had one of those rains that just wouldn't let up. It rained and rained, and rained some more. Before long water was running down the brick path and running straight into the pool. Leaves, dirt and all. It was stressing all of the grown ups out (my sister and her family were here too). But none of us were going to go out in the rain and try to stop it. That would be futile.
Before long we were lost in the moment of the chaos that is family and 6 cousins. After about 20 minutes I started wondering where Pierson disappeared to. It wasn't like him to not be playing with Caleb....

I'll leave you with these pictures... No more words needed.

Can I tell you that I love my son.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with the Kindergarten

Happy Camper? Yep! 
 Maylin was thrilled to be going to the "punkin patch" again this year. She was even more excited when I told her I was going with her! (oh yeah I love that fact! I know my years of being cool are limited so I cherish it while I can!)
The mothers who were there volunteered to be in charge of a group. This was my little group. One sweet little girl, my little sweetie and one I like to refer to as "the run away".  Oh boy was she fast!

 Picking out the perfect pumpkin!
 Maylin verses the chicken. My bet is on Maylin every time.
 Maylin verses the pony... My bet is on the pony. The yellow sign Maylin is trying to climb over says "This horse will BITE You!"  Learning to read is going to help her in so many ways!

For just one fleeting moment I had all three of "my kids" in one place at one time. And then "Run Away" was off agian!

 Maylin and "Run Away" are quite a match up. I am not going to lie. Maylin has a "strong will' streak. She has done very well in Kindergarten so far. I have been so very proud of her. I was starting to wonder if maybe we  were getting past the days of needing to be the "Alpha Dog". Just take a look at the expression on their faces. "Run Away" is clearly frustrated that she is being subtly pushed out of the center of the turkey. Maylin... not phased a bit and clearly pleased with her seeming victory. Maybe we still have a ways to go?
 Two cutie pie pilgrams!  But where is "Run Away"?  Good question! Better go find her.
 I love this girl!

My sweet little girl has grown so much in so many ways over the past year and a half. She has learned a new language, accepted and learned to love and trust a new family and GROWN! 
October 2011
 My how she has grown!
October 2010