Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mermaids or Pirates

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I were having a typical walk through the woods. Nothing out of the ordinary. Pierson was carrying his latest sword. (He is going to be a pirate for Halloween... hence the new sword).  Maylin was carrying her new photo album her wallet and a pencil to "Draw nature". Again nothing out of the ordinary.
Pierson was "hacking" his way through the forest.
We even stopped to take a picture on the "big down tree".
We stayed away from the "awigators" and pretended to be rescued by Captain Pierson.
I admired God's natural beauty. 

The kids climbed the "curly tree".
Maylin sat in her favorite spot, looked through her photo album and drew a little bit.

... Then it happened. "KER PLUNK!"  We heard a unusually loud splosh in the water. Hmm... I thought maybe a bull frog? But I saw no evidence of one swimming away. OK? "Continue on," I figured thought.
... "KER PLUNK!" again there were rings in the water but nothing moving. I was a bit baffled because I couldn't figure out what would be making such a thud without me seeing evidence.  I was curious... not alarmed, just curious. After staring at the water for a couple of minutes waiting for it to happen again I gave up. But of course as soon as I turn my head. "KER PLUNK"  

I don't know what tipped the kids off. Was it my reaction or were they finding the plop and ripples as fascinating as I was? I'll never really know but their reactions were priceless!

 Piersons: "Aw Wight Baa Guys! Come out. I know you dare! (pause) Mommy, I tink dere awe Piwates out dare. Gon't worwy, I save you an May-Yen".

 With the slightest shake of her head, wink and subtle grin Maylin looked at me as if to say, "Silly Pierson, there are no such thing as pirates." Followed by a very confident, 
"MERW-MAID! Come out Merw-Maid! 


"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see."
-Duane Michals


Kristi said...

I love that Pierson and Maylin are spending some of their growing up years exploring where we used to play as kids!
Her confidence in the mermaid explanation made me laugh out loud.
But seriously, did you consider acorns? I've been hit by many a falling acorn lately as our city is covered in oak trees. Maybe acorns explain your mystery?

Jordan Carl said...

Haha! I love it. They have their problem solving caps on for sure! I hope you found the mermaid or pirate!