Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Several people have asked me recently where I have been? I have been a little slack recently. 
I have been crazy busy the past few weeks helping to plan our churches "Impact Day". Impact Day is the United Methodist Churches way of getting out and being a part of our communities.  
Our goal: Leave a path of Love and goodness throughout our community. To be the Light of God to those who need a glimmer of hope. 
Our church sent eight groups of volunteers to build two wheelchair ramps, underpin one trailer, wash lots of windows, paint 4 porches, pressure wash a home, trim bushes, clean several homes and visit a local nursing home. There were also wonderful volunteers who prepared three different meals that day. Others who delivered those meals. Some volunteered to keep the kids of those going out to do the work. And even a few more who were there to help lead all volunteers in worship that evening after a long day of work.
Sound like a busy day? That is an understatement! It was a busy few weeks. But it was awesome!
Here are a few pictures of all of our work and planning coming to life.

 Our pastor and his wife washing windows.
 Trimming hedges.
 Ironing clothes.

 Painting porches.
 Delivering lunches.
 Building a ramp.
 Painting railings.
 Getting dirty while underpinning a trailer.

These are just a few of the MANY things we did that day! God's light was shown throughout our community hopefully it is just a beginning!


Cassie said...

i'm amazed; i count it as success if i just get dressed in the morning :)

Saundra Shultz said...

What an IMPACT the wonderful people of Bethel UMC made on our community that day. What love and impowerment! May God be praised!

Stephanie Y said...

AND then some of those people came to our church and packed meals for Hungry Children!!!

Kristi said...

Amazing job guys! It is clear to see that God blessed the vision...
Love the pictures of some of the folks we love dearly!