Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Music with Daddy

Having a musically oriented Daddy can be a lot of fun.
Pierson and Maylin love making their own music. They sing, play piano, and beat drums. They giggle and laugh. But at the end of the "recording session" they get a CD of their very own "music". 
Of course the fact that Daddy knows how to edit out the "mistakes" and turn their work into something that makes a bit of sense helps just a little. :) 

 Maybe one day they will be as musically gifted as their Daddy!
But for now we are just having fun exploring instruments and making new beats! Play on kids. Play on. 
 Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. -Ronald Reagan. 


Jordan Carl said...

Love it! Get them playing young and one of these days they will be able to teach daddy!

Kristi said...

So you've got the musicians and I've got the engineers... ;)
Cute stuff ~ and I love that they play in their soccer uniforms! Fun that their jerseys are the same color as Caleb's!