Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with the Kindergarten

Happy Camper? Yep! 
 Maylin was thrilled to be going to the "punkin patch" again this year. She was even more excited when I told her I was going with her! (oh yeah I love that fact! I know my years of being cool are limited so I cherish it while I can!)
The mothers who were there volunteered to be in charge of a group. This was my little group. One sweet little girl, my little sweetie and one I like to refer to as "the run away".  Oh boy was she fast!

 Picking out the perfect pumpkin!
 Maylin verses the chicken. My bet is on Maylin every time.
 Maylin verses the pony... My bet is on the pony. The yellow sign Maylin is trying to climb over says "This horse will BITE You!"  Learning to read is going to help her in so many ways!

For just one fleeting moment I had all three of "my kids" in one place at one time. And then "Run Away" was off agian!

 Maylin and "Run Away" are quite a match up. I am not going to lie. Maylin has a "strong will' streak. She has done very well in Kindergarten so far. I have been so very proud of her. I was starting to wonder if maybe we  were getting past the days of needing to be the "Alpha Dog". Just take a look at the expression on their faces. "Run Away" is clearly frustrated that she is being subtly pushed out of the center of the turkey. Maylin... not phased a bit and clearly pleased with her seeming victory. Maybe we still have a ways to go?
 Two cutie pie pilgrams!  But where is "Run Away"?  Good question! Better go find her.
 I love this girl!

My sweet little girl has grown so much in so many ways over the past year and a half. She has learned a new language, accepted and learned to love and trust a new family and GROWN! 
October 2011
 My how she has grown!
October 2010


Cassie said...

she is beautiful! i definitely want to get together with you sometime before Jesus returns ;)

Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun day. Maylin, I can tell by your face that you had a good time. You picked two very pretty pumpkins. How you've grown!

Kathy said...

Maylin sure knows how to pick the prettiest pumpkins - every year hers are so cute!! Love all the pictures - so sweet.

Love, Grandma M

Summer said...

Wow, she has grown!

Kristi said...

Maylin vs. the horse. I don't know, even though I've had an encounter on a field trip with that horse and know it bites, I'd still put my bets on my niece...

Her growth is amazing. You feeding those kids miracle grow?

And I'm totally with you on soaking up the "mom is super cool" factor while it lasts! I went on Ky's 5 senses field trip this week.

Love you all!