Thursday, May 31, 2012

Buzz Has Landed

When he is motivated reading becomes a necessity in his "world."  see the back story

Never fear. Buzz Lightyear is here!  "To da Wrescue!"
Buzz, Mommy is very proud of your hard work!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the Planets Keep Turning.

Some days are just ordinary. You know, the kind of days where nothing is planned. There is no where to go. No schedule. No agenda. 
 Yet somehow you can be assured that the planets are... well...
 they are still turning. Kids will still be kids. Minds will still explore and new things will be discovered
 and created.
Yep even a couple dozen more planets.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toddler Shower

This weekend we had the honor of having a "toddler shower" at our house. It was so much fun.  
There are several things that are dear to my heart. 
Adoption, friends and decorating! lol  
The third sounds trivial, I know, but it is so true. When I get to the chance to put all three of these things together I love it.

Some of our best friends are within weeks of embarking on their first adoption journey. They are heading to South Korea next month to bring home their son Anderson. My friend Katie and I were excited to jump on the idea of throwing a shower for them. Last Saturday night we invited lots of friends, decorated in a light-hearted Asian style, lit up the grill, started a  bonfire and kicked back for a good time. 
As guests arrived I knew there would be too many cars to park in the driveway so we needed to guide them. I painted a paper umbrella and hung paper lanterns to make sure no one missed the 'parking lot'. 
We lined the front walk with lanterns that were gently blowing in the soft spring breeze.  They bounced as they guided guests to the front door.
I wanted a welcome sign at the front door. I couldn't think of a better way than to paint another umbrella with a Peacock, which is legendary all over Asia, it also just reminds me of my dear friend Kate. The characters on the umbrella say "Welcome"
We started the party inside with gift opening and finger foods. Potstickers, spring rolls, and a trey of fruit. While the gifts were being opened most of the kids, ok ALL of the kids and some grown up kids went outside to run off some steam. 
They played soccer and
freeze tag. I was amazed at how well all the kids played together. Only one injury occurred which of course was my daughter.  She and Pierson collided and her face met the ground with a vengeance. She has a nice strawberry on her upper cheek to show for it.
We had several choices for dinner. We didn't want anyone to get confused between
the regular burgers and the one of a kind Asian burgers so we marked them with chalkboard markers and set those in little herb planters.
The cake... if you could see the cake I got the idea from mine doesn't look so good, but without that cake to compare to this one turned out great! PS if anyone needs blue icing anytime soon let me know. I made way to much! I probably have enough for three more cakes! lol  (I was afraid I would run out and wouldn't be able to mix the same color of blue again.)  :o
We ate and relaxed.
We talked with friends and family.
We just enjoyed the evening. 
The kids played corn hole

and enjoyed the s'more table!
For one newly adopted friend this was the first ever s'more experience.
The jury is in... he liked it!
Maylin and K had a great time hanging out.
All too soon it was time to head home and get the kid-o's in bed.  It truly was a perfect evening. The weather was amazing. The company was lovely. The cause was perfect. I am so excited for my dear friends Kate and Andy. 
One can have lots of friends and lots of reason to be bonded to friends but I must say that there is an amazing bond between adoptive families. Some adopt only after trying to have biological children,  some adopt after having biological children and some adopt without ever trying for biological. No matter how they got there, there is something unique that each adoptive family has to share with the other. Something special.  

Maybe it is that we all, in the end, have learned to love someone not from our flesh. We have all been through the trials, the questions, the stares (if your child doesn't look like you). Most of us have raised ridiculous amounts of money. And all of us have learned that a child is a child and every child deserves the love and support of a family. And that, in the end, I think is what makes us all family. 

Happy Adoption Journey Kate and Andy! I can't wait to meet Anderson face to face!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where did it go?

This weekend was a whirl wind full of soccer, baby showers, church, church luncheons, and kickball! It was all a blast. The weather was perfect... the company was perfect... there were a lot of laughs and cheers. 

I have a lot to post about but for now I would be remiss if I failed to mention Pierson's soccer season. Yep. I said season. The entire spring season has come and gone and I haven't posted even one picture. He has improved so much since his first game in the fall. He is a team player, a polite player yet at the same time he has learned to chase the ball down. He has even "legally" tripped several people. 
 Last season we frequently had to remind him, "PIERSON, PAY ATTENTION HERE IT COMES!" This year he was far more in tune with the game. He kept his eye on the ball and the game.
 He took his coach seriously when he told them to pass the ball. That is where his selflessness came in. He was very good at keeping his eye on his teammates. When he got the ball he was great at passing it up the field. When his teammates had the ball heading toward the goal he was right there with them waiting to help them out for the score. This season they had wins and loses. (unlike his undefeated season in the fall). But he never lost heart. I was half afraid that he wouldn't like soccer so much anymore when he tasted defeat. Fortunately it just made him more determined.
 He became awesome at throw-ins. I couldn't believe how high and far he was able to throw the ball!
 Below is one of his goals in snapshots!
Good job buddy! I love your enthusiasm for life and your determination! Keep up that spirit and you will go far!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whatever It Takes...

to get him to enjoy his homework. 
Pierson had the disadvantage of starting Kindergarten barely speaking English.   Letters?   What are letters? All he knew were characters... and those aren't helpful at all when you are trying to learn the phonics of the alphabet. 
Therefore reading has not been his favorite thing to do. 
So we set some goals. When he accomplished set goals he gets a prize.
 The first prize, Buzz Lightyear wings. 
We were thrilled that he was excited about the goals we set.
 The second prize, Buzz Lightyear goggles. 
(I think he likes them?)

The next reading prize is a Buzz Lightyear costume. Head to toe. It will complete the whole ensemble. I can't wait for the day I can show you the entire Buzz!
Pierson, we are so very proud of you and the progress you have made. I know you will continue to climb the reading ladder and be off the charts in no time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Birds

Isn't it amazing how these tiny little blue eggs can turn into one of the prettiest blue birds around! We have an awesome creator. One who has a plan and probably chuckles to Himself when we try to figure out his majesty or even pretend to be able to understand it. 
 On the same hand He must be deeply saddened when we try to minimize his awesomeness. When we try to say his creations are accidents or coincidences He must be so hurt. I am floored when I hear people try to explain away His creations as anything less than miraculous. It saddens me and scares me that people can so flippantly disregard His power.  In my opinion doubting His ability to create the earth in 7 days, or His ability to create man from dust, or anything else the bible claims is belittling God and belittling His greatness. Honestly if I didn't believe He was capable of doing all of this; if I didn't believe He was God all powerful, then He wouldn't be much of a God would he?  He wouldn't be the God I want to worship.
Thankfully I believe He is the creator of the earth and the God of our universe. I do believe the bible as the truth. This is the truth I want to instill in my children.
 Every chance I get I want to remind them that God is our creator, provider and safe haven. I want to teach them about God's greatness, love and mercy.
I don't believe that those little eggs can turn into these fuzzy baby birds then 
this photo is courtesy of
turn into this beautiful bluebird by chance. I believe that our creator in all of his awesome power designed this into being. He spoke and then it was.
Some would say this makes me narrow minded. I say it makes me very open minded. I think it takes an open mind and huge faith to trust 100% in God and be able to believe His words as truth.  

 If I could comprehend Him He wouldn't be worth comprehending.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun

Even though I have a bit of city girl in me (I do love the Big Apple as well Charlotte for that matter). I love country life. And country life doesn't get much better than this. Friday night we got to hang out with great friends. It was perfect weather and perfect company. What did we do?
 We looked at chickens
 Played in the dirt,
 Ate an awesome meal,
 rode go-carts,
 played with blocks
 played a bit of croquet, (I forgot to dress Pierson in his whites) :)
 we admired the beauty and took some photo's of our friends. Tara and Joseph are part of a missionary family in Honduras. Joseph has
 a bit 
 of a 
 personality! I Love it!
 Maylin enjoyed her homemade ice cream and blueberry cobbler!
 All the kids helped Mr. Jim collect eggs from the chickens.
 Pierson was super excited. The kids acted as if it was an Easter egg hunt. They were picking up three and four eggs at a time! I was pleasantly amazed that none of them got broken... at that point anyway.
 Joseph was pleased with his findings.

 Feeding chickens was also a highlight of the evening.
"I don't think that is what that is used for Pierson?!" 

 Why are lights so fascinating to children?

 The evening ended with a bit of dancing. Are they a future dancing with the stars couple?  They have never seen the show but I think if they had they would both be gunning for a spot. They do love to dance.
Even Mrs. Stephanie got in on the dancing. It is such a blessing to have people who are such loving role models to be a part of my kids lives.
Thanks friends for such a wonderful relaxing kind of evening.