Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kicking It By The Bonfire

Saturday night was perfect. For a few hours we were able to sit back and enjoy perfect weather, and delicious fire roasted hot dogs and s'mores! Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier by the day so getting a chance to just chill out was a much needed and coveted time. 

Our Pierson. He is tenderhearted, loving, and funny. He is a people pleaser, probably to a fault. He can't rest if he thinks someone is unhappy with him. He goes above and beyond to earn others love and affection. While I love his snuggles and tenderheartedness I pray one day he knows and trusts that he doesn't have to earn love by anyone. I love my little boy.

 Pierson decided the best thing to keep the smoke out of our faces were safety goggles. So he found a pair for all of us...
 Maylin; she is a complicated little girl. My heart swells with love when I think about her little heart and the walls of defense that she continually breaks down. On the outer exterior she can seem distant and tough. On the inside she yearns for the acceptance and approval of others. The most frustrating part of this is that most other people don't get that. Not many people see the heart inside her that desires love more than anything else in the world.

yep... even Chaucer wore the goggles!
 Chaucer played well for a few seconds. Just long enough for a couple pictures. Then he promptly pawed them off.
 Pierson roasting his hot dog to perfection.
 Maylin was suffering from a bit of a food coma.
Thankfully that wore off rapidly.  Within no time she was doing "real handstands" for everyone's approval entertainment. 
 I love this dog. He has his flaws. He's a counter surfer, he can snatch a piece of chicken with the best of 'em. He barks relentlessly at strangers. His size is a bit overwhelming and overbearing at times. He wants inside. He wants outside. He wants inside. He wants outside...  Yeah he can be a pain.
But the bottom line is that he loves his family and we love him. He is a great snuggle puppy and our family is more complete with him.
 Yeah I love this guy too. ;) Goofy and smart, fun and loving, talented and humble. He gets me. And for that he should get an award. ;)
Having a deep conversation about s'more making.
No bonfire is complete without the kids climbing the magnolia tree. Can you find them?
Maylin ended the night with the most randomly funny quote. (In the most drawn out deep southern accent she could form:)
"Hey, ya wanna be a cowgirl?"

What? lol


Grandma Shultz said...

You have captured Maylin and Pierson so well. Oh, I can hardly wait for God to complete their healing from their past. So that they will let people love them for exactly who they are and not have so many walls built for defending their little hearts from heartbreak once again. When they'll know that a "forever famly" is FOREVER. You and Adam have won that approval...the rest of us are slowly getting there. Last night when I put them to bed; Maylin was having a hard time falling to sleep. She reached over and took my hand and snuggled her little face up against it and finally fell heart about burst with emotion! Under that hard exterior is a "little" girl longing to accept love.

Larry and Carol said...

Loved this post. You are doing such a wonderful job as parents. AC

Kristi said...

Oh yes, a Saturday night at its finest! Glad you guys had a chance to slow down and "be" as a family!

Love those sweet babies of yours...