Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am heading to New York until Sunday with the schools drama class... Be back Monday! :)

A Rainy Saturday afternoon

So what do you do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Well first off we had to go the Dr's office to get TB shot's read. (we passed!) The kids were all smiles when they realized that they didn't have to have any 'stickies' (aka shot's/needles).

After the Dr's visit it was still only 11:00 am so we headed to Northlake Mall to let the kids play in the play area. They had a blast playing here.

Maylin took a little time out to watch some of the other kids... I think she was learning some jumping techniques.

Pierson loved the mouse and wanted a picture with it.

Then it was off to the house where we painted in our watercolor books. Two of the cutest little artist's I know.

Then we needed to kill some more time so we watched a little Veggie Tales.

Finally we just had to get out the house so out we went with boots and umbrella's. They brought sunshine to my heart.

Pierson decided to try to see if he would fit in the water toy box... Amazingly he did.

And Maylin decided that it was pay back time for when Pierson shut her in a storage box. So she closed him in...

and ate some grapes while she pondered her next move. "Hmmm I think I'll let him suffer a little longer."

"Maybe I should make sure he can breathe?" The he busted out and off to the next thing.

My little man wanted to pick all of my flowers for me. I finally convinced him that one was enough for now because I like looking at them in the yard. Try having that conversation with a child who doesn't speak English. It is always a learning experience.

Then my guys cleaned up the kitchen! Even Chaucer was in on this one. (He is good at pre-rinsing/licking the dishes) Pierson is a little helper. I think he is trying to show us that he is a good boy so we'll keep him. Or maybe he just really likes to clean dishes.

While Maylin desperately tried to get in the refrigerator! Thank you to whoever invented refrigerator locks!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

to Grandmother's house we go... Grandma Shultz has gone from 2 to 5 grandchildren in the last 2 months. She has handled it like a champ! She has stocked the refrigerator with drinkable yogurts, jello, pudding, and milk. She has also filled her garage with enough riding toys to keep all 5 happy at once. At least once a day my kids have asked to go to Grandma's house.
Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday afternoon.

Maylin one of the newest riding toys. Doesn't she look cool with her sunglasses and piggy tails.

Pierson likes to pick Grandma's flowers and give them to all the women. Fortunately the rhododendron has lots of blooms right now.

Another great thing at Grandma's is the ever-so-slight hill on the driveway. It makes for a great ride in the wagon. The tricky thing is getting it to not turn and go off course. In this picture Pierson is running after Maylin who is not heading in the right direction.

Pierson tyring to keep the wagon on track.

Daddy/"Baba" running to catch Maylin before she crashes into the pile of toys.

Maylin is going to take Pierson for the ride of his life! Thankfully he made it back in one piece.

Pierson loves the tricycles.

Pierson and Maylin helped Grandma peel hard boil eggs. They actually did a great job with this task. And my softy had to give Grandma a kiss for the camera.

Pierson making "soup". This consisted of cold water apple slices and broccoli... Don't you want some?

Maylin sure liked big brother's soup!

Just in case I have portrayed the children as perfect individuals let me show you a few funny truth's about them.

1st: One of Maylin's funny faults is that she has no problem...

picking her nose in public.

2nd: Pierson has tantrums that are actually pretty funny to watch if you can keep a sense of humor about yourself. They are becoming fewer and further between which is nice.
The next several pictures are a series of one royal tantrum. After he calmed down I showed him the pictures which he didn't seem to like. I think it surprised him at how silly
he looked. I kept them though for roasting later in life.
Imagine the screams, tears, flailing arms, and stomping feet and enjoy! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Death of a May Fly

A few weeks ago at Target the 'dollar spot' had the cute little bug catchers that allow you to look at bugs up close. They even have magnifying glasses. The kids have enjoyed these things. We have mostly caught May Flies and a few spiders and for the most part while the kids are sleeping the bugs "miraculously" get out of their cage and go back to the wild. Today was our first death. It was actually dead when he 'caught' it two days ago Pierson just didn't realize it.
He came to me and through hand motions (sticking his tongue out, putting his hands around his throat and rolling his eyes back) he let me know it was dead. Then he proceeded to cry. So what does one do with a dead May Fly and a crying child who doesn't understand enough English to explain that the bug is in heaven? At first I tried to convince him we should let it go outside because he was just hungry. But then Pierson wanted to feed it crackers... So I tried to explain that he was right it was dead and we needed to have a funeral. So a funeral we had. There were tears and some sort of prayer/chant? I prayed for the Fly and then we covered him up and put a grave marker/plant marker beside him. Pierson patted the ground a few times and then put a flower bud on top and walked back in the house.

Maylin on the other hand just thought we were both crazy. (She was actually the one who 'killed' it today according to Pierson, he said she shook it too hard.) She danced around and giggled the whole time. I guess I am learning who my softy is. Here she is wondering why in the world Pierson was so upset? No sympathy for big brother what-so-ever!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

God loves His little Children

Prayer works!!! I couldn't have willed that sprout out of the ground if it was the last thing I ever did... Thank you Jesus!!!
Despite the look on his face Pierson is thrilled that his tomato plant is starting to sprout... If you squint really hard you can see it.
And of course little sister isn't gloating that her plant is bigger! yeah right! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Innocense gone wild!

I know what you are thinking... He looks calm, relaxed and and completely innocent. Right?
Guess again. You'll never guess what is inside that box!

You guessed it. His adorable little sister! (We didn't let the lid close tightly!) Before you know it they were closing themselves in and jumping out to surprise us over and over and over and over again. It is amazing how somethings never get old to a 4 and 5 year old!

Those grins sure are cute!

By the end of it Maylin was looking a little tattered! I would say she has had better hair days. But the fun sure was worth it!
A word to the wise anyone whose hair looks like this little girl's (above) should not be your hairdresser!

Between Kylie and Maylin I think I lost a good chunk of my hair. They insisted I was going to look "pweety"! It is a good thing I love both of these girls! It has been fun watching all five of the Miller/Cline clan get to know each other. It makes my heart smile knowing they will all be in a forever family full of so much love for them!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Watching plants grow and Dr.'s visit

About a week ago the kids and I planted these cute little plants. Maylin's is the sunflower and Pierson's is the tomato plant. So far Maylin's is taking off. Well... we are going to pray for Pierson's. Mommy may need to go to Wal-Mart and buy the smallest tomato plant and try to pull a switch-a-roo!

I thought this was cute and telling of what goes on at our house. As I was photographing the plants which sit in the kitchen window above the sink.... Up popped Chaucer. "I can smell dinner!" (He is leaning on the grill) When he is standing up on his back legs he looks me in the eye.

This morning was the first Dr's Appointment. This is the time to get blood drawn which will test them for many things including HIV, Hepatitis, and checking on their vaccinations. They also got tested for TB. Let's just say that it was awful! Poor Maylin. They couldn't find a vein that would give blood. After three attempts filling only one tube they poked her finger and got enough for testing Lead levels and something else (I can't remember which)... Unfortunately the didn't get enough. Next time we go she is going to have to try again. :( She Screamed and cried for 45 minutes... The nurse was even crying... Maylin was soaking wet with sweat and tears. Mommy was traumatized.
Pierson on the other hand apparently gave blood like a champ. Adam was with him. He said he cried, but didn't fight it and they got it all in one try!
But as you can see a good nap, dinner, bath, a skype visit with cousins and the movie "UP" make all things better!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

These are a few of my FAVorite kids.

I can admit it. My sister and I are pretty dorky. But you have to admit these kids look pretty cute all dressed alike! We really only have two matching outfits. One of which they wore Easter Sunday and then this one. The girls really like dressing the same. I am not sure the boys care but they don't protest it either.

We tried several shots and several positions. The standing still thing wasn't really getting any expressions. Darcy bent over and then they all followed her lead.

They have some really cute grins!

Kristi had a good idea to try and get them to hold hands and run. This was a lot of fun and kept them busy and laughing. They ran and ran until we finally convinced them to turn around.

The way back was pretty stinking cute. They giggled and snorted as they ran...

And if you can't see the look in Caleb's eye, it is saying... "hey watch this guys. If I fall down while holding their hands they all will fall too! And down they all went. It was pretty funny. Fortunately no one got hurt and they grabbed hands again and off they ran. (only to be pulled down again by the smallest one in the group.)

Who doesn't love climbing a fence. I thought this picture was one of the best. They are all so cute. They really have learned to play well together. We have from left to right... Pierson age 5; Darcy age 3; Maylin age 4, Kylie age 4 and Caleb age 3. I could just squeeze them all. I say our family is so blessed to have them in our lives.

And what photo shoot is complete without a little wrestling and spinning. Uncle Ian is so much fun!
Then it was off to the Spring Fling at Church. I'll post more about that tomorrow.