Monday, April 26, 2010

The Death of a May Fly

A few weeks ago at Target the 'dollar spot' had the cute little bug catchers that allow you to look at bugs up close. They even have magnifying glasses. The kids have enjoyed these things. We have mostly caught May Flies and a few spiders and for the most part while the kids are sleeping the bugs "miraculously" get out of their cage and go back to the wild. Today was our first death. It was actually dead when he 'caught' it two days ago Pierson just didn't realize it.
He came to me and through hand motions (sticking his tongue out, putting his hands around his throat and rolling his eyes back) he let me know it was dead. Then he proceeded to cry. So what does one do with a dead May Fly and a crying child who doesn't understand enough English to explain that the bug is in heaven? At first I tried to convince him we should let it go outside because he was just hungry. But then Pierson wanted to feed it crackers... So I tried to explain that he was right it was dead and we needed to have a funeral. So a funeral we had. There were tears and some sort of prayer/chant? I prayed for the Fly and then we covered him up and put a grave marker/plant marker beside him. Pierson patted the ground a few times and then put a flower bud on top and walked back in the house.

Maylin on the other hand just thought we were both crazy. (She was actually the one who 'killed' it today according to Pierson, he said she shook it too hard.) She danced around and giggled the whole time. I guess I am learning who my softy is. Here she is wondering why in the world Pierson was so upset? No sympathy for big brother what-so-ever!


Lisa said...

Such a tender heart your little man has.

Kristi said...

Oh that sweet little boy. He had my heart when he called me ayi at the airport.

Grandma Shultz said...

Maylin is a character. Perhaps we need to pray something out of her! hahaha Pierson is a little softie" which is so endearing. What a joy they have brought to all of our lives. Maylin and Pierson, Grandma loves you.

Amanda said...

So sweet!!! I love their personalities!