Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dora and Diego Got Nothin on Us!

I have learned many things since March 23rd,the day we took these two kiddo's home with us. One thing I have learned about them is that while they do fight like typical siblings do they really do love each other very much. And they love to explore together.

Here the kids discover a 'fort in the woods' that someone else built. It sits atop a little cliff and overlooks a brier thicket. I remember the days we used to build fort's in the woods. We even dug up moss to lay as carpet.

Pierson is quite the 'careful' adventurer. He wants to explore everything but does so slowly and with great care. He likes to climb on the rocks and discover what is under leaves, and sticks. He doesn't however like to get his feet wet. I bought these little water shoes for them thinking he would love to stomp in the water in them... He still insists on wearing his boots though to keep his feet dry. :) He is a funny little thing.

Monkey see Monkey Do
Maylin loves to explore as well. She is usually about two steps behind Pierson. She however is not the careful one. She does things much faster and with little to no care. And as you can see here things are usually done with one hand (she loves her juice boxes). Fortunately she has pretty good balance and agility.
PS I typically don't make the kids wear their helmets while playing in the woods and creek. This day they happened to ride their scooters to the park and just never took their helmets off which worked out great because about 10 minutes after this picture was taken Maylin was running down the trail which is filled with many rocks and roots when my little "thunder wonder" took a great dive. This one was complete with bleeding knees and elbows her forehead would have been bleeding too if it hadn't been for her helmet. The thud the helmet made shook the whole forest!
I think the birds even stopped singing for this one.

But never fear big brother was near. He came and helped me wipe the tears from her eyes and pour water on her cuts. He then took her hand and walked with her the rest of the way home.
Be still my heart.


Kristi said...

Awww, that last picture is so, so sweet! I need to find an outdoor place for us to explore around here.
And man do I remember making moss carpet...

Lisa said...

Such tenderness! Thanks for sharing it!

Larry and Carol said...

Pierson caring for his little sister after her fall is so cute and loving. The last picture is precious.

Lindy said...

How sweet! It is so wonderful that they can be together in your family.

Mickey said...

it just gets better each week

Ian said...

I used to love making forts, exploring, throwing rocks into the creek... It's great to see them having fun exploring and so cool to see Pierson taking care of his little sis... Love it!

Anonymous said...

Cool fort. Can't count the hours Meg and I spent in the woods when we were little. The last picture is adorable.