Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Rainy Saturday afternoon

So what do you do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Well first off we had to go the Dr's office to get TB shot's read. (we passed!) The kids were all smiles when they realized that they didn't have to have any 'stickies' (aka shot's/needles).

After the Dr's visit it was still only 11:00 am so we headed to Northlake Mall to let the kids play in the play area. They had a blast playing here.

Maylin took a little time out to watch some of the other kids... I think she was learning some jumping techniques.

Pierson loved the mouse and wanted a picture with it.

Then it was off to the house where we painted in our watercolor books. Two of the cutest little artist's I know.

Then we needed to kill some more time so we watched a little Veggie Tales.

Finally we just had to get out the house so out we went with boots and umbrella's. They brought sunshine to my heart.

Pierson decided to try to see if he would fit in the water toy box... Amazingly he did.

And Maylin decided that it was pay back time for when Pierson shut her in a storage box. So she closed him in...

and ate some grapes while she pondered her next move. "Hmmm I think I'll let him suffer a little longer."

"Maybe I should make sure he can breathe?" The he busted out and off to the next thing.

My little man wanted to pick all of my flowers for me. I finally convinced him that one was enough for now because I like looking at them in the yard. Try having that conversation with a child who doesn't speak English. It is always a learning experience.

Then my guys cleaned up the kitchen! Even Chaucer was in on this one. (He is good at pre-rinsing/licking the dishes) Pierson is a little helper. I think he is trying to show us that he is a good boy so we'll keep him. Or maybe he just really likes to clean dishes.

While Maylin desperately tried to get in the refrigerator! Thank you to whoever invented refrigerator locks!!!


Kristi said...

Looks like it was a fun day. The dishwasher scene is familiar here at our house, but our prewash cycle is yellow.
Oh, and I snorted at the picture of Maylin trying to get into the fridge. Makes me recall pictures of Caleb doing the same before he finally gave up and realized that the fridge lock wins!

Larry and Carol said...

Looks like yours is the "House of Fun." We just love the pictures.