Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bet you didn't know I had three kids

I only hate that I missed the metal mixing bowls on all three of their heads.

Ok, I think that I am back from the land of chaos! I am going to be trying to blog more regularly now.

We are working on napping/spending time in their rooms so that mommy can get a shower and rest for an hour. The first day it went well... the second day a little worse. Today... lets just say that I am so thankful for having watched the supper nanny prior to having children. He screamed and screamed and for 33 minutes. He would open the door and try to come out. I would follow it with "Momma loves you" and pick him up and put him back in his room and shut the door, all the while he would scream and flail saying "BOO YOW" (which means no) . Over and over and over again we did this. The only way I was able to stay calm was knowing that this tactic worked for the supper nanny... surely it would work for me. Finally the 21st and last time he opened the door he said "sorry Mommy" with a little pout face and he shut the door by himself... I almost fell over! He has tried to come out twice since then. Once to show me that he was cleaning his room the second to show me that he let the May Fly out of his bug catcher. He is pretty clever in trying to get me to come in and hang out but I simply showed him the egg timer and told him his time wasn't up yet and shut the door... so far so good... we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

His timer is about to go off. I will be trying to play catch up over the next several days. We still need to finish the trip and Easter and just the first few days home...


Kristi said...

Ha ha. I've got one of those "over thirty year old kids" myself... Seems like much of the mischief at our house can be traced back to the tall, blue eyed, Caucasian one!
One thought on quiet time. If Pierson really continues to fight against the closed door, do you think putting up a tension mounted baby gate and training him to stay behind it would work? That way he may feel more secure ~ and you will have an easy way to peek and see if he is destroying that beautiful bedroom.
Let's get the kids together on Skype! Love ya!

Kathy said...

Nice to have you back on the blog - love your 3 kids!! Congratulations on keeping your cool and being firm with Pierson. One hour playing alone won't hurt him as you spend so much time together the rest of the day. Keep truckin'!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys that you are establishing a routine. You are doing great. Love the picture and love you.

Grandma Shultz said...

Your three kids are wonderful. You and Adam are doing a great job with being consistent and loving and calm. I admire and love you.
Love, LaoLao

Tricia said...

I like Kristi's idea of the baby gate. I'm, let's just say, much older than Pierson and I don't particularly care to be behind a closed door either. I think you guys are doing a great job setting up the household rules. I admire you too!

Mandy said...

Glad you all are settling in. If you stay firm now it will be easier later. I know it's tough on you but most of the time they are just testing you to see how much you will take. And they will keep testing you in their teens and twenties. And who ever said TV wasn't educational.

Keep the pictures coming.