Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not just a stay-at-home-mom.

When I tell people I am a stay-at-home-mom I usually get the "awe how sweet" look... Or the "must be nice" look... Rarely do I get the "oh wow you must be busy" look. 

I'll admit there was a day when I thought being a stay-at-home-mom would be a life of leisure  Sleep in... watch Good Morning America... have some bon bon's... do some shopping... make homemade everything... have time to work out... read books... have a spotless house...
Yeah right... 
The truth looks NOTHING like the list above.  (I will admit that Adam let's me sleep until 8:30 when he leaves for work he also cooks breakfast for the kids. That part fits my delusion.)
The only thing on TV in the morning is "Wild Krats" or "Dinosaur Train".
Bon Bon's.. do they really even exist?  I don't know...
The only shopping I do is grocery shopping...
Homemade... lol that is funny.
If doing laundry or unloading the dishwasher counts as working out then I am in the best shape of my life!
Books... I am a pro at Cat In The Hat... Charlotte's Web? gotcha covered.
My house is spotted... far from spotless!

So what is it that I am doing all day that keeps me from making my delusions reality?

I home school for 2-3 hours a day.
I cook lunch for three.
I run kids to sports practices, home school activities or field trips.
I go on adventure hikes in the woods, paint nature on the porch, play baseball,soccer, and do cartwheels and handstands.
I feed a dog, cat, fish and horses each day.
I do laundry, cook dinner (most nights) and clean.
I try my best to track the kids lives with photo books and blogs.
I practice and sing with the praise team at church.
8:30pm-12:30am are typically my "office hours" for volunteer work
I volunteer as the president of "Reach Out Orphanage Ministries".
I co-chair the mission's committee at church
I coordinate a yearly trip for 20+ to Honduras along with the 4 fundraisers associated with this trip.
This month I am getting ready to train Program Coordinators for Carolina Cross Connection's staff training. I am also helping plan the worship services and painting props for worship at the week long staff training.
Next month I'll be painting props for VBS...

This is my life, it is busy and chaotic at times; occasionally stressful and tiresome... it is a lot of things and I love it! but rarely would I classify it as the life of leisure. Yet somehow I still get the "awe how sweet" look.

So when someone says to you "I am a stay-at-home-mom." you should know that is probably just a polite way of saying "I am a woman at the end of a rapidly fraying rope who is hanging on for the ride until my kids go to college!"
and you should give her the "wow that is awesome" look. ;)

Here's to all the "stay-at-home-mom's" out there who don't just stay-at-home.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little back yard baseball.

 taking a break to pet the horses
 She's safe!

 Slide tackling mom!
 Adam should be glad he ducked!!! That dot just above is head is NOT an apple in the tree.

Home Run!

I love spring time!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just a walk...

in what will hopefully be our back yard within the next year. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When The Pool's Not Open Yet...

On those warm days of spring... ya know, when the cover is still on the pool but you just feel the need to get wet.. What do you do then?
 Well my kids empty out a container and fill it up with water!
At first they were each going to "swim" but the water was a bit cold so they reverted to splashing
 and blowing bubbles.
 Of course keeping the water in the containers... well that just isn't much fun. Pierson wanted to see how high he could get the water.
 Maylin didn't want to just blow bubbles... No the little artist had to get creative. She needed a straw-blowing hat! She made a hat and cut a hole for her straw to fit through. She wasn't quite satisfied though. She wanted a little door that opened up to a compartment where she could store some raisins... Yep... raisins. ???
Why raisins? I have no idea?
To this day I can't remember the last time she even ate them. I guess they just seemed like the perfect size snack? Unfortunately the raisin door never came to fruition.
None-the-less we had a fun splish-splashy afternoon!
Happy Spring...
Come ooonnn summer!