Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When The Pool's Not Open Yet...

On those warm days of spring... ya know, when the cover is still on the pool but you just feel the need to get wet.. What do you do then?
 Well my kids empty out a container and fill it up with water!
At first they were each going to "swim" but the water was a bit cold so they reverted to splashing
 and blowing bubbles.
 Of course keeping the water in the containers... well that just isn't much fun. Pierson wanted to see how high he could get the water.
 Maylin didn't want to just blow bubbles... No the little artist had to get creative. She needed a straw-blowing hat! She made a hat and cut a hole for her straw to fit through. She wasn't quite satisfied though. She wanted a little door that opened up to a compartment where she could store some raisins... Yep... raisins. ???
Why raisins? I have no idea?
To this day I can't remember the last time she even ate them. I guess they just seemed like the perfect size snack? Unfortunately the raisin door never came to fruition.
None-the-less we had a fun splish-splashy afternoon!
Happy Spring...
Come ooonnn summer!


Grandma Shultz said...

You precious kids can make fun out of any situation. I am always amazed at the creative, funny things that you do. Love your hat, Maylin.

Kristi said...

A raisin door?
Oh Maylin...
Love your creative little mind!