Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Little Baseball

I have to say that I think this is one of the cutest little baseball players on the planet. 
 Baseball has been a learning curve for Pierson but it has been a sharp fast curve. He has done really well (says his mom who doesn't really know a lot about the sport).
 They have played three games so far. He has been up to bat eight times... of those eight he has hit the ball all but once! Now I'll say that 4 of the 7 hits he has gotten thrown out at first but for a kid who has never played baseball I am so proud of him!
 His team is doing well! They won their first two games and lost the third by one point.
 He looks so grown up!
 He has been playing outfield and has a pretty good arm. He has made a couple of great plays!
 So far he has been enjoying it. The only draw back (compared to soccer) is that the ball is "very hard and it hurts!" He does however like to camaraderie of his team. 
Maybe I'll be a baseball mom... maybe I won't? But for now he is having fun and that is all that matters! 


Kristi said...

Oh my he looks so tall and older in those pictures!
Great job Pierson, keep up the hard work.

Cassie said...

this makes me actually like baseball...he looks so professional :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Pierson, you are doing such a great job at baseball. This is the first time you have ever played and you have had a hit all but one time that you have been up at bat....that is amazing! And you can really throw that ball a long way from the outfield and are really accurate. I know that I sound like a proud grandma.....because I am!