Sunday, April 7, 2013

These are a few of his favorite things.

Archery? Who would have thought? Not me! That is not until November on our last trip Honduras 
when we visited a local market. While there Pierson picked out a handmade toy bow and arrow set as his treat. This set has provided him HOURS of entertainment. He has shot it at virtually anything that stands still... and well... for that matter his sister who doesn't stand so still. 
So naturally when someone in our local home school group mentioned that there was a home school archery class nearby I knew that Pierson would jump at the chance! 

He loved it and he hasn't stopped asking for his own bow and arrow set since! gulp!
 As you can see he did a great job! On his first day of class the teacher made a point to tell me that "He has great form!"  Pierson was so proud!
 One balloon down! Even though this session is over I fear there will be many more downed balloons to come. ;)

Another one of his favorite things right now is his brand new skateboard (which he bought with his own money). On an afternoon trip to Walmart Pierson carried in his box of change. He had $16 worth of quarters dimes, nickles and many pennies. We walked up and down the aisles... and we walked. He was determined to buy something that day even as I reminded him that he could hold onto his money and buy something next time. All the sudden his eyes lit up. He remembered from at least 6 months ago that there were skateboards behind the bike section... so off we rushed. I was shocked at how expensive skateboards can be! geeze! At least there were a few which were under $15!  
And now, after painfully paying with loose change, I have a skateboarding son! :o

We should probably get him some knee pads that fit a little better!?


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