Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Birds

Isn't it amazing how these tiny little blue eggs can turn into one of the prettiest blue birds around! We have an awesome creator. One who has a plan and probably chuckles to Himself when we try to figure out his majesty or even pretend to be able to understand it. 
 On the same hand He must be deeply saddened when we try to minimize his awesomeness. When we try to say his creations are accidents or coincidences He must be so hurt. I am floored when I hear people try to explain away His creations as anything less than miraculous. It saddens me and scares me that people can so flippantly disregard His power.  In my opinion doubting His ability to create the earth in 7 days, or His ability to create man from dust, or anything else the bible claims is belittling God and belittling His greatness. Honestly if I didn't believe He was capable of doing all of this; if I didn't believe He was God all powerful, then He wouldn't be much of a God would he?  He wouldn't be the God I want to worship.
Thankfully I believe He is the creator of the earth and the God of our universe. I do believe the bible as the truth. This is the truth I want to instill in my children.
 Every chance I get I want to remind them that God is our creator, provider and safe haven. I want to teach them about God's greatness, love and mercy.
I don't believe that those little eggs can turn into these fuzzy baby birds then 
this photo is courtesy of allaboutbirds.org
turn into this beautiful bluebird by chance. I believe that our creator in all of his awesome power designed this into being. He spoke and then it was.
Some would say this makes me narrow minded. I say it makes me very open minded. I think it takes an open mind and huge faith to trust 100% in God and be able to believe His words as truth.  

 If I could comprehend Him He wouldn't be worth comprehending.

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Kristi said...

Preach it sister!