Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where did it go?

This weekend was a whirl wind full of soccer, baby showers, church, church luncheons, and kickball! It was all a blast. The weather was perfect... the company was perfect... there were a lot of laughs and cheers. 

I have a lot to post about but for now I would be remiss if I failed to mention Pierson's soccer season. Yep. I said season. The entire spring season has come and gone and I haven't posted even one picture. He has improved so much since his first game in the fall. He is a team player, a polite player yet at the same time he has learned to chase the ball down. He has even "legally" tripped several people. 
 Last season we frequently had to remind him, "PIERSON, PAY ATTENTION HERE IT COMES!" This year he was far more in tune with the game. He kept his eye on the ball and the game.
 He took his coach seriously when he told them to pass the ball. That is where his selflessness came in. He was very good at keeping his eye on his teammates. When he got the ball he was great at passing it up the field. When his teammates had the ball heading toward the goal he was right there with them waiting to help them out for the score. This season they had wins and loses. (unlike his undefeated season in the fall). But he never lost heart. I was half afraid that he wouldn't like soccer so much anymore when he tasted defeat. Fortunately it just made him more determined.
 He became awesome at throw-ins. I couldn't believe how high and far he was able to throw the ball!
 Below is one of his goals in snapshots!
Good job buddy! I love your enthusiasm for life and your determination! Keep up that spirit and you will go far!


Kristi said...

I'm anxiously awaiting pictures from the shower! So wish we could have been there...

Pierson, it looks like you have become a great soccer player. Great throw-ins, watching for teammates to pass the ball to, scoring goals!
And that picture that is the largest? Oh my. He looks about 12...

Grandma Shultz said...

Great job Pierson. You surely are a team player. You've learned to pass to the goal and are so unselfish with the ball. You really stayed alert and were in on almost all of the action. Your goal was marvelous! Grandma is proud of you.