Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun

Even though I have a bit of city girl in me (I do love the Big Apple as well Charlotte for that matter). I love country life. And country life doesn't get much better than this. Friday night we got to hang out with great friends. It was perfect weather and perfect company. What did we do?
 We looked at chickens
 Played in the dirt,
 Ate an awesome meal,
 rode go-carts,
 played with blocks
 played a bit of croquet, (I forgot to dress Pierson in his whites) :)
 we admired the beauty and took some photo's of our friends. Tara and Joseph are part of a missionary family in Honduras. Joseph has
 a bit 
 of a 
 personality! I Love it!
 Maylin enjoyed her homemade ice cream and blueberry cobbler!
 All the kids helped Mr. Jim collect eggs from the chickens.
 Pierson was super excited. The kids acted as if it was an Easter egg hunt. They were picking up three and four eggs at a time! I was pleasantly amazed that none of them got broken... at that point anyway.
 Joseph was pleased with his findings.

 Feeding chickens was also a highlight of the evening.
"I don't think that is what that is used for Pierson?!" 

 Why are lights so fascinating to children?

 The evening ended with a bit of dancing. Are they a future dancing with the stars couple?  They have never seen the show but I think if they had they would both be gunning for a spot. They do love to dance.
Even Mrs. Stephanie got in on the dancing. It is such a blessing to have people who are such loving role models to be a part of my kids lives.
Thanks friends for such a wonderful relaxing kind of evening.


Amanda said...

Looks like a beautiful night! I bet Pierson and Maylin make good dance partners.

Grandma Shultz said...

How blessed we are to have precious friends like Mr Jim and Miss Stephanie to be such good role models. Being up on the "hill" is so serene. Sorry I missed it last week.

Kristi said...

Man, I miss time on "the hill!"
I'm thankful for you guys that you had yet another "no agenda" evening to unwind!