Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I must say that we have been BUSY around here recently. It all started Friday night at the school carnival. Followed by Saturday night at the Church carnival. Then Trick or Treating tonight. 
It is safe to say that this Mommy is Halloween-ed out! :) And I think KNOW it is safe to say my kids are 'sugar-ed' out!
(Allow me to take a moment and say THANK YOU Grandma Ann for making such amazing costumes for the kids! They have LOVED them!)
 We start with none other than "Pirate Pierson". 
 Watch out Daddy. I am not sure you are a match for the fastest Pirate in town.
 Now, may I present you to Princess Maylin, aka Cinderella.  This princess liked to twirl and spin and bow.
 She looked beautiful... I think she knew it!
 Yes I know it is Halloween and there are a lot of awesome costumes (along with some silly costumes) out there, but I have to say I think these two take the cake.
Pierson even wore his costume most of the day Sunday. He didn't seem to mind that we weren't going anywhere. He just wanted to be a pirate... so a pirate he was. All day long. 

 A handsome pirate at that!

 I think they were relishing the spotlight.
 Ah Hoy Matey!
Who goes there?
Even though they were totally engrossed into their perspective characters they each quickly snapped back into the role of Pierson and Maylin at each of the Carnivals we attended. 
 Kids will be kids. It was fun to watch them interact with friends from school as they showed off their costumes and admired the outfits of others.
 I am pretty sure Cinderella never held a gun?
 Or climbed rock walls.
Maybe she showed off her artwork at school, 

 But I definitely don't think she dug through the straw like a gopher in the dirt. I love that my girly girl isn't afraid to be tom boy!
Over all we have a great weekend with our guests Pirate Pierson and Princess Maylin. But I must say I am glad to be getting back to normal and consuming a LOT less candy! :)


Saundra Shultz said...

Grandma Ann, the custumes are wonderful. Pierson made a dashing pirate and Maylin made a lovely Cinderella. They both felt very special. Friday, Saturday and Monday of trick or treating about did them in! What fun!

Kristi said...

Maylin, you are a beautiful Cinderella! And Pierson, I'd be nervous on the seven seas with you roaming as a pirate!
I think we need to hire out Grandma Ann for our costumes for next year...