Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Judge Me

Kids do the darnedest things!
Yes that is my child sleeping in the closet, and my other child on the floor beside him.
Before you judge me on the mess of that closet know that we are kind of "between homes" while we are waiting for our house to sell. We have a lot of things crammed into a lot less space than we are used to. 
For what ever reason Pierson decided that sleeping on top of suitcases and boxes with clothes hanging inches above his head seemed appealing. I let him because, believe it or not, there was a time in my life that I can actually remember things like that being fun. I loved curling up in small spaces and doing things out of the ordinary... there was a time... that time however has long since past. "Oh my back!" lol


Amy Murphy said...

Too cute! I remember wanting to do things like that, too. The other night, Ewen wanted to sleep on the floor between his bed and the wall. We let him, but then he didn't go to sleep, so he was relegated back to the bed. Oh, well!

Grandma Shultz said...

It was something to behold. They each slept in those positions all night! Traci, I remember one time when you climbed up on the washer and dryer and went to sleep laying across them. It's amazing how much these two are like you and Adam! God surely orchestrated the match between the four of you. Praise Him!

Kristi said...

No judgement from me ~ my kids lick pumpkins... ;)

Seriously though, with as much as my crew is into sleeping in blanket forts right now, sleeping in a closet looks pretty normal to me!

Kathy said...

Gotta live it up when you are young - do crazy, fun things. Love how creative and adventurous they are!!
Love, Grandma M

Lindy D. said...

Looks like a fun sleepover for your kids!
I am sad to read you are selling your pretty house in the woods. I just love how it looks in pictures and the way you have it decorated. Best wishes!