Friday, November 11, 2011

Come Thou and Read-ith My Renaissance Blog Post

(in my best renaissance talk)
 Last weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival with Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire. I had been several years ago and didn't remember it being near as much fun as we had last Saturday. Maybe it was because there was more there this time, or maybe it was the enthusiasm of the kids which took it up a notch. Either way we had a GREAT time. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Claire for such a great afternoon!
 Pierson was having a good time trying out the fashion of the past.

 He is such a HAM! He is always looking for ways to make people smile.
 A cool thing about this festival is that a lot of it really is true to the time period. There were several rides each powered by man. The kids rode in a "flying boat". Maylin pulled the rope to flap the wings while Pierson just worked on keeping his lunch down!
 In the center you can see the guys in the middle (taking a break from) pushing the wheel to make it spin. They literally pushed the wheel in circles like work mules while the kids yelled "Faster! Faster!"
 I am not sure they had 'fake rock walls' in the this time period but... the kids were excited about it! They climbed that wall as if they had suction cups on their feet! I thought they would be able to do it but I was amazed at the speed in which they climbed.
 And Climbed. And Climbed.
 They were both doing so well!
 Until Maylin looked down. As she glanced down you could see the terror in her eyes. Every muscle in her body tensed up. She clung to the wall as if her life depended on it. It took a bit of effort to convince her to "Let go of the wall!" She looked at me as if to say "you have got to be kidding me!"  In hind sight we should have explained the dismount process. I guess I wouldn't want to let go either if I didn't understand that the guy holding the rope at the bottom would keep me from free falling! lol
 Pierson made it to the top and was able to squeeze the squeeky frog which notified everyone of his accomplishment! He didn't look down until he reached the top but he too froze up when he saw how high he was. It took a bit of encouragement to reach far enough to squeeze the frog.  And even more encouragement to let go of the wall!

Maylin wanted to do the "Jumpy thing"! I will admit that I kind of thought she would freak out and decide not to do it at the last minute, but she proved me wrong and jumped without hesitation! Higher and higher she went. 
Oh yeah that's my girl! Maybe she had to prove to everyone she wasn't a scared-y cat after the rock wall? I don't know what drove her but she did it!

And finished with a smile! 

 Pierson's next 'game' was to throw tomatoes at the "town criminal". It was pretty funny. He actually did fairly well. There were no direct hits but the juices from the tomato splashed the guy several times which was better than most of the adults did. Apparently it is harder to throw half of a tomato than it looks.
 Maylin was having a great time watching and listening to the "criminal" hurl insults to the crowd. We stayed and watched others do it for a while. It was pretty funny. Even though most of the family friendly insults were way over Maylin's head she laughed and laughed as if she understood every bit of it.
 We watched jousting. Pierson was especially interested in this. He kept asking me if this was "fer weal?"
 At first the knights were just playing games, and trying to hit targets. So I kept assuring him it was real. I was trying to explain how hard it was to get one of those huge sticks to hit a target while you are riding on a horse. However as the show went on it became acting as the knights started arguing with each other. The show ended with them saying "I will fight you to the death! I promise blood will be shed!" Adam captured Pierson's face before I explained "Now they are acting! This isn't real!"
OOPS! lol

 From there we headed to the petting zoo. Both kids enjoyed petting and feeding the sheep.

 Maylin thought it was funny to feel the sheep's tongue licking her hand.
 May I present "Madame Maylin" the good night of Midland.
 And Sir Pierson the night of all things good.
 Maylin loved her butterfly she became a little speed demon. She kept yelling "faster faster faster" to the poor girl who was turning the wheel!
 At first Pierson was playing it cool. He was reading his map as the ride started as if he couldn't be bothered to smile.

However as the ride continued and centripetal force kicked in he was made to admit that even the great "knight" had to hold on!
Lady Maylin

 I almost caught Grandpa with this hat on. He is too fast. I don't know why he doesn't want the world to see the silly side of him that grandchildren brings out! lol
 Leading us home.
As we left we saw the "girwl hanging from the tree". (a phrase that would be disturbing without the picture). Maylin was very impressed. That scares me. FYI I won't be letting her outside with rope or a sheet for quite some time! :)


Larry and Carol said...

That looks like so much fun. A perfect Fall day. XO's

Kristi said...

How fun! I do have to say though that after visiting the festival once on a school field trip I was sorta wierded out by the folks that "get lost" in character. I have to wonder what they are like outside of the fairgrounds...
Claire and Mickey always have fun ideas!