Monday, November 21, 2011

Undefeated Champions!

My kiddo's have had a great season. Pierson genuinely loves soccer. Maylin... well lets say she has her moments. Some days she likes it. Some days she doesn't. Some minutes she likes it... some minutes she doesn't. Typically it has to do with how cold she is or isn't. 
 I think this is her way of letting me know that she isn't exactly happy with the cold.
It has been so much fun to watch Pierson's skills develop as the season continued. He really seems to be catching on.

Yeah... this wasn't one of her shinning moments.

However, this was. Same game, same temperature. Who knows. But when she is on she is on. 

 I really think that her favorite part of soccer is sitting on the bench playing with her friends.
I brought the blanket over to warm the kids up instead it turned into a game. 

 Finally the three of them settled on sitting together and staying warm. 

 Pierson on his way to scoring his 5th goal of the season!
 Gone!!! GOAL!!!
I think he was proud of himself! I know that Grandma (in the back ground) was!

 At the close of this game the Hurricanes we deemed number one! Each of the kids were adorned with medals as the other teams watched.

Here they are. The Hurricanes. The undefeated Champions. 

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of the season. I can almost hear the peace and love they have with and for each other. For a moment time stood still and I was able to soak in the fact that we have completed their first season of soccer which means another three months of our lives have flown by without me blinking.

The parents decided to have their celebration after the game. Coach passed out trophies and treats. 
 The kids got to further relish their Championship victory and a great season. 
But even more important... they enjoyed the cupcakes! :)

 I think he tasted it? Not totally sure about that?

There is a song running through my mind...
We are the Champions my friend. And we'll keep on fighting till the end... No time for losers cause we are champions....

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Grandma Shultz said...

What a beginning season of soccer for you Pierson and Maylin. To be on the undefeated team! You both can run like a deer and were learning to maneuver the ball between people and to the goal. It was fun to watch your progress week after week. Grandma is so proud of both of you.