Monday, December 5, 2011

Maylin's 6th Birthday!

Yeah I am a little late. Her birthday was November 23rd... life has been crazy busy recently... that's my excuse anyway. :)
Since her birthday was the day before Thanksgiving she had her birthday off from school. We got to play outside and swing on the swing set.  
 My little acrobat has no fear and is always trying new tricks. Sometimes my heart is sinks to my toes but most of the time it is fun to watch her try new things. My thoughts are that she doesn't want to fall worse than I don't want her to fall. Oh I can't wait to see what she will try when she starts gymnastics.
It is hard to plan a birthday party around holidays. So.. I didn't. I know, I know I am a terrible mom. But she didn't seem to care one way or the other. I took cupcakes and treat bags to her class at school earlier in the week. That seemed to make her very happy. 
That afternoon we celebrated as a family. She was playing outside when I called "Maylin come quick!" She came running in to find a pile of presents with a cupcake and candle. 
We sang "happy birthday"  
 And she blew out her 6 year old candle.  Gulp... my baby girl is 6 years old!
 She has no hesitation ripping wrapping paper. She got a bathtub Ariel barbie. A notebook and pen and a princess tracing kit from us.
 From Grandma Ann she got an awesome cupcake baking set along with a 
very cute apron!
 From Grandma Shultz she got an art set.
 From friends Kate and Andy she got this awesome cardboard castle! That she gets to color herself! There was much much more to come like a unicorn pillow pet from Ayi, Uncle Ian, Kylie, Caleb, Dracy, and Daniel.  A beautiful dress and cutie pie outfit from Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire. And a Tinkerbell doll from Grandma Miller. Oh to be six again! It was an awesome birthday celebration with lots of love to go around. Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful presents!
The day just wouldn't be complete without having made her own birthday cake. We baked a two layer sprinkle cake with strawberry icing and sprinkles GALORE!
That evening we ate diner with Grandma and friends Kate and Andy at a local Thai restaurant. If there aren't rice and noodles on my child's plate she isn't totally happy!  Later we were blessed to be able to cut the cake with Ayi, Uncle Ian and her cousins! Here we are all singing "Happy Birthday!" I think she kind of liked it!

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Kristi said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl! Even though a holiday birthday is hard, we're glad yours falls at Thanksgiving. So happy to have celebrated with you!
Love you,