Friday, December 9, 2011

Back Yard Baseball.

Or Drive way baseball? With Uncle Ian as the pitcher the boys did really well hitting the ball. I think Pierson is going to really like baseball. I will admit that I tend to like watching soccer better (and he was really getting good at it as the season ended) I think baseball might be his "thing". Maybe... you never know what a month will bring... or tomorrow for that matter. :) He really gets excited when he hits the ball and he hits it 70% of the time. Granted the ball we play with is larger than normal and the bat is a little fatter but in my book that counts! 
Caleb does really well too! Especially with one eye patched. I know that messes with his depth perception so in my book that makes his ability to hit the ball that much more awesome! 

 This is what Pierson making contact with the ball looks like.
 This is what Pierson looks like while laughing hysterically.
 Why was he laughing hysterically you ask? And why is that picture crooked? Because he hit mommy's camera with the ball while she was holding it up to her face trying to take a picture! The angle is because I was laying on the ground. Good thing the ball is soft and light weight! Talk about being surprised! Wasn't expecting to be thwacked by my own son. If that was an intentional hit he has AMAZING aim! Well played son, well played.
Darcy wanted in on the action! She did well too! She is cute to watch because she is so dainty and proper. 

Maylin... well not many people have ever accused her of being dainty and proper. She goes for everything she does full force. It doesn't matter if she misses and misses... she is going to swing herself nearly to the ground each time she tries. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with as she grows up!

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Kristi said...

This is a cute series of pictures. And yeah, Caleb's ability to hit the ball while his good eye is patched amazes me too.
LOVE Maylin's expression. Force for sure...