Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day was just plain awesome. There was no rush, for anything. We slept in... well what some would consider sleeping in... Not necessarily what I considered sleeping in prior to kids. 
We climbed swing sets

 We caught rides like royalty.
We sat in trees.

 We flipped... and we flipped!
We got on board the Grandma train.
We slid down slides.

 Climbed magnolia trees.
 Cooked, and Cooked and Cooked!  Oh boy did we cook!
 We straddled fences.
 And posed for pictures.
We went for walks... or runs depending on who you were. 
 We climbed the "curly tree". And if your name is Maylin you fell out of the "curly tree". :o
We walked and walked.

We climbed downed trees and took pictures.

 WE ATE! Oh boy did we EAT! What is cuter than six Asian born children celebrating an age old American tradition of stuffing themselves.
 Finally the kids ate fudge cycles.  I present to you Princess/bride/fairy Godmother Darcy Q
 Monkey Maylin
 Hokie Daniel
 Heartbreaker Caleb
 Puma Pierson
 And Cutie Pie Kylie.
 Don't you remember the joy of fudge cycles?
We ended up the day with setting up our gingerbread houses. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful children. It was a bit chaotic but wildly fun! I just love it when family comes to town!


Grandma Shultz said...

O gloriouis day! God is so good. We are all so blessed with these six unique, beautiful, outstanding children!!

Kristi said...

About that sleeping in thing... :)
And chaotic? What are you talking about? I only recall calm, mild manners. (lol)