Sunday, December 18, 2011

Polar Express

Our church held a Polar Express night for the kids recently. The kids had a blast and the parents had some peace and quiet at home. It was a simple idea filled with lots of grand ideas! The kids came in their pajamas, brought blankets and pillows to lay on, ate finger food for dinner, watched the Polar Express and had a visit from Santa.

 Of course you can't just watch the Polar Express you have to "enter" the Polar Express. This is where I came in.
I got to build the train! It was so much fun... well mostly. Transporting it from the basement of my house, where I built it, to church... well that was NOT so much fun.  Lets just say that I learned that 27 mph is the top speed one can travel when transporting a cardboard train! This Polar Express actually took flight... twice!
I can laugh about it now after seeing the joy and excitement of the children. Rest assured I was not laughing then! :)


Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun evening for all 75-80 kids in their pajamas! Lucy and Ashley, thanks for planning. Even had our train engineer, Tom and his assistant, Seth to greet the kids at the door.
Traci, the train was so cool. Don't think anyone expected a three dimensional, 4' by 10'!

Kristi said...

So what happened to the train? I'm pretty sure I know two little boys who would love to have one to play with...

Traci said...

Oh Kristi those two little boys will get to play with it and all it's "beat up" glory in just a few days!