Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gingerbread Village!

It still makes my stomach a little icky to think of all the sugar that was consumed while making this miniature village.

 Every stripe of frosting was ended with a lick of a finger.
 For every piece of candy added another was put in a mouth.
 one for me, one for the house, two for me, one for the house...

 And of course there was finger licking!
 And extra icing added so there was an excuse for more finger licking.
 There was "all hands in"decorating.
And there were cookies eaten.

 And more cookies eaten.

 After all the sugar Daniel decided he better check everyone's heart rate.
You OK Grandma?

 Bend down Daddy... I can't hear your heart back here.
 To say they were all proud of their creations is...
a bit of an understatement! Happy Gingerbreading!!!


Grandma Shultz said...

How fun was that! Six little munchkins decorating and eating icing and candy for an hour. They really took it seriously. Worked together in teams, accomplished their goals. Not one got sick or too much of a sugar "high". The houses are adorable.

Kristi said...

Must have those photos of Dr. Daniel checking heart rates!
And what fun it was, even though the sugar prevented naps from happening for a while in car on the way home!