Monday, December 19, 2011

The Annual Pumpkin Chunkin!

Oh yeah, we are at it again. I don't know if you remember last years Pumpkin Toss (check out this link to see how this tradition began .pumpkin chunk  
A brief reminder: My kids are sentimental and attached to EVERYTHING. It is hard for them to let a little piece of paper go so FORGET just throwing away their awesome pumpkins. (even if they are starting to rot.) We have to have an event centered around getting rid of these stinky pumpkins. Even with all the 'excitement' they cringe before each toss as they say "Awe that is my favorite pumpkin". 
None the less the "tradition that everyone in America does" (and if they find out this isn't true I will find the culprit and they will be on the naughty list) is to get rid of the old things of the past to prepare for the coming of Christ... Soooo....
Away we threw! 

It was dark outside so we weren't sure who's went the furthest. But they sure thought the "thud" was awesome.
Maylin went for the soccer 'throw-in' technique.
Pierson couldn't decide if he was going with the soccer technique or
The track and field "shot put" technique. I think he decided the soccer "throw in" worked the best! 

They were happy to participate in this great tradition preparing for Jesus's birthday. I was happy to get rotting pumpkins out of the house! Win! Win! You just can't get better than that! 


Grandma Shultz said...

Good form, Pierson. Pumpkin chucking has become a good tradition. Enjoy them for a season and then get rid of them before they get soft and make a mess.

Kristi said...

Too bad Jackie O didn't get chunked before she got "sick..."
Bummer for my kids of living in the city ~ ours just get chucked into the trash.