Friday, December 17, 2010


How do you get kids who are attached to everything to let go of their Halloween Pumpkins?
You make up new "age-old-traditions"!
You see, when it is time to decorate for Jesus' birthday you have to throw out things from the past. And what better thing to do than "throw" your pumpkins? It took some convincing but eventually they bought into my scheme when they realized it was a competition (something I added in as I was making this tradition up) to see who could throw their pumpkin the furthest!
 Luckily Mom lives way far back off the road. Her back porch faces the woods so it made a perfect launching point! The goal was to see who's went the furthest and made the biggest explosion!
 The only thing I didn't foresee was that they were going to want to go out and see who's pumpkin made the biggest mess!
Oh well. At least it was an organic mess! : )

For the record: Pierson's went the furthest, but Maylin's made the biggest mess! Perfect! We had a tie!
And if my kids ever ask you about this tradition you better be ready with your own stories of pumpkin launching! : )


Bekah said...

That is too cute! Maybe you can add the Easter tradition that we have to your list. We take the eggs we dyed and go into the pasture and throw them at the telephone pole! It's so much fun to watch them explode and Katie looks forward to it every year!

Jordan Carl said...

Oh man, I remember the first year I was able to throw my pumpkin farther than my brother! I got a good running start, took the pumpkin over my head, and launched it with everything I had. The thing exploded into a hundred pieces and the smile didn't leave my face that entire week! :)

Good start? or does it need more detail?

Traci said...

good idea Bekah!
And Jordan that is a great start! You had me going!!!

Kristi said...

I'll support your pumpkin toss tradition as long as you keep 'split ham soup' under wraps.
And help me come up with a good taking the tree down tradition...

Grandma Shultz said...

Good tradition! Maylin and Pierson, you did a great job throwing those pumpkins. Next year you will be able to throw them even farther!