Monday, December 13, 2010

First Christmas Tree Lighting!

(this post is only about 3weeks late... oops)
I just have to document the kids "firsts". The weekend before Thanksgiving a small town in our area had their tree lighting ceremony and fireworks. Since the kids had never seen a tree lighting or a Christmas tree for that matter we thought it would be a must-do this year. I had never been to an official tree lighting ceremony either (yes I lived in NYC home of the 'great tree lighting' in Rockefeller Center... too cold and way to crowded!)  Unfortunately Adam was out of town for work. So we called up our great friends Katie and Brandon to come check out the festivities with us. We were very close to the tree so I thought this would be the best location turns out the announcer was way down the street. We could only hear a muffled. 5,4,3,2,1! Then the lights came on as ordinarily as turning a street light on... kind of a let down. : ) The Wow factor that I was expecting just wasn't there. I guess I expected some clashing symbols and sparklers or something... Anywho we took our pictures and waited for the fireworks.

Pierson and Maylin danced in the streets while we waited for the fireworks. These two provide entertainment everywhere we go!
The fireworks display, unlike the tree lighting, did not disappoint! It was great.
Every time we see fireworks Pierson reminds me that he saw those in Taiwan!  One day I'll explain to him that is where fireworks originated (well at least China, close enough)... but for right now I think that conversation will get lost in translation.

Gotta love small town USA!
Afterwards we walked around the streets as there was an 'art walk' going on. Another set of our close friends Kate and Andy had an exhibit up. Kate is painting piggy banks to raise money for their adoption. They are awesome! (If you would like to check some of them out go to I have helped her keep up with her Christmas orders and painted a few with her. All the ones on her blog she has done and she takes special requests! She is very creative!
Maylin displaying her creativity. (Kate provided art supplies for some of the little ones for entertainment.)
All too quickly it was time to get my little monkeys to bed. We had a great time experiencing yet another 'first' during this Christmas season! Keep tuned there will be many more to come between now and Christmas!

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Kristi said...

so they should have shot off the fireworks AS the tree lights went on...