Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maylin's First Ever Christmas Present!

Again this was on Dec 24th (see previous post)

This little girl was so excited! She could hardly stand it. But... She did NOT want to rip her paper. What tedious children I have...
for a few moments anyway! Then it was rips away!

It was her dream come true! She got the pink CD player that she had wanted so badly!

Now for the silly side note of Maylin's first Christmas present:
A little over a month ago our Sunday school class had a huge yard sale to raise money for the orphanage we adopted in Honduras. (it was great! We raised almost $6,000) My mom kept the kids that morning while we worked. Towards the end she brought them by to see what we were doing.
Maylin saw this CD player and 'fell in love' with it! I know, I know, how tacky is it to buy your child's first Christmas present from a yard sale? Well I didn't think it was that bad of an idea... she really wanted it, AND it was going to help orphans. So... I tucked it under some things in the car and home that little thing went. Before I wrapped it Adam checked it to make sure it actually worked... well... apparently things can work one month and without ever being touched can be broken the next! Yep, that is right! Broken! That cute little grin on her face turned to to most pathetic little frown you have ever seen. Am I working on Mom of the year award or what!?  The smile returned after we promised her we would go buy her one that worked! She said, "O-Kay, You Pwomise  Momma?"
I promise baby girl!  Momma learned her lesson!

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Kristi said...

Ayi is scouring the internet now for a new PINK CD player...