Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pierson's Field Trip

I was super privileged to get to go on my second field trip within a month. This time it was with my snuggle bug Pierson. We headed out to Latta Plantation. It was really cool... I mean,  literally... it was freezing! :) But yes it was fun too! I had been there as a kid... I thought. Turns out I remembered nothing about it.  
Pierson thought the zig zag opening of the fence was cool and guided me through like he was guiding an airplane on a runway. 
Our first stop was the school house.  Man I wouldn't have wanted to go to school back then. Sitting on a hard bench with no backs and FREEZING is no way to learn.
The kids got to write on old chalk boards like they would have back then. Our guide showed us the "Letter Man" and had the kids write the letter which she was contorting the doll to resemble. It was interesting to see that even back then people knew that school had to have some interesting elements involved.
Pierson wrote the letters and copied the spelling on the Dunce hat. He thought it was hilarious that bad kids had to stand on a block with a Dunce Hat on. 

Then we were off to the Trading Post.  The guide there divided the kids up into merchants, farmers, and 'the wealthy".  According to their social status they "bought" things from the store.

Here is his group explaining what they bought and why. They were the farmers so they bought a garden tool and corn seed. Wise beyond their years right?! :)

We got to go see the live stock and learn what each animal was used for on a plantation.
Horses were transportation. Cows were food and milk, sometimes work. Mules were used as workers. (I learned that mules are stronger than horses, cows and donkeys.)  I guess education is never over. ;)
Pierson really liked this Mule and wanted me to take a picture of it for Maylin (who has a slight obsession with drawing Donkeys. and by slight I mean HUGE). Also there was the fact that this Mule's name was Kate. Pierson's eyes about bugged out of his sockets when the guy announced it's name. Sorry to our dear friend Kate you now have been reduced to a mule. LOL


Grandma Shultz said...

What a nice way to learn. Haven't been to Latta Plantation in years. Need to go and see what all they have added. Pierson, will you be Grandma's guide?

Kristi said...

I'm glad to know that the 'dunce' part of his chalkboard came from copying the hat and not what the teacher showed. Because the letters that he wrote above it phonetically seem to spell "you peed" and when you pair that with "dunce" it just didn't seem very nice. :)
I've never been to Latta Plantation. How about Pierson serves as tour guide to my clan?
Glad you got to attend the trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Well that is fitting since I do draw a lot of donkeys for Maylin. What can I say- I am sucker for adorable children. And you have two adorable children!
Kate aka "the mule"