Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some of my favorite pictures that never got posted from Beach Trip 2011

New cupcake shop behind Calabash Creamery! It was YUMMY!
Three of the sweetest boys I know!
The three most gorgeous girls I know!
The six of them together... well that is just too much to handle! :)
Can I just say that I LOVE her grin!

Yeah, his eyes were a getting a bit puffy... this is what the onset of a virus looks like for Pierson! But he is still so handsome!
Taking life one step at a time!
Giggle fits.

Pierson starting to fade. After he fell asleep buried in the sand we realized he wasn't feeling well. I just love this picture though. My precious baby.
Bring it on world! 

I think a week of no naps, an endless sand box, and awesome waves wore Caleb OUT! Good thing we took the wagon with us on our walk.
Will someone build these princesses a life size castle?! I mean really. What three girls deserve it more?
Oops! Uncle Ian got a bit excited about the last trip up the stairs with the wagon. Can you say traffic jam? LOL
Definitive: Daniel likes s'mores!

Glow sticks really are a lot of fun!

Six little cuties jumping on the bed. One fell off and...  
Well, no one fell off, but we sure did have a difficult time getting them to sit still for this one. 

Hello "Killy" babes.
Anyone have any palm fronds. Prince Pierson needs to be cooled off.
Yep this was the storm that brought the water spout. It was awesome to watch from a distance... but I definitely wouldn't want to be in it's path!
I just love Darcy Q!
If you look closely you can see the last inkling of the water spout. We had been on a walk when it was going full force. It had been about 10x's that size! I totally wouldn't have wanted to be on one of those boats.
To be honest I am not even sure which kid that is... I just love the contrast of the clouds and the reflection of their figure.

Pierson flying a kite... FYI there was no thunder or lightening with this storm but there was some great wind! :) 

Trying to throw a Frisbee against the wind is pretty hard when you are five! 

Oh beach days... how I miss thee! 

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Grandma Shultz said...

What wonderful memories these pictures bring up. Can't think of one thing that could be more fun than having us all together at the beach. Six beautiful children, sand, water, wind, crab legs, Adam's burgers and then s'mores. Makes a perfect ending to the summer!