Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Day

Easter day was another whirlwind of fun and laughter. We stared the day by going to church. Since Adam and I had to be at church by 7:45 we decided that the Easter bunny would come after church. When we got home we took pictures (shown a few blog posts earlier) and then the kids and the daddy's went to the pond to release the minnows they caught the day before at the park. 
Did I say kids? ...I meant super heros!  Buzz trying to take flight.
captain America clearing the way.
Releasing the minnows! Yeah! They are much happier now! ... well most of them. :o
Amazingly while they were gone releasing the fish the Easter Bunny showed up with Easter baskets! That tricky rabbit! ;)
Maylin's life was made a little brighter with post-it notes, pens and stickers.
Pierson is seeing a little more clearly with binoculars...
and a handy explorers vest! The Easter bunny only brings a few pieces of candy to our house. Fortunately those pieces of candy fit perfectly in his new vest!
Maylin couldn't have been more excited to see a pack of 200 sheets of construction paper. Have I told you how much she likes paper?  Oh yeah, paper is the way to her heart!

Grandma had some crafts for the kids to do while they waited for lunch. They all did a great job decorating the foam eggs with foam stickers.  It was fun. What was even more fun was the tiny pieces of white paper backing EVERYWHERE when they were finished! :)
Good job Darcy Q!
It is amazing how that Easter bunny shows up while the kids are occupied. during all the craft and lunch commotion the Easter bunny hid eggs in the yard! Here all of our little bunnies were lined up and ready to hunt!
The bunny hop!
May the best hunter win!

After eggs were found, and candy sorted the boys decided to play a little bit of baseball in the yard.

I just love Daniels smile!
And yet another activity! Ayi (aka Aunt Kristi) taught the kids how to make Resurrection rolls. Yeah I didn't know how to either. What you do is dip a marshmallow in melted butter, followed by rolling it in cinnamon and sugar. When it is nice and sticky you wrap it in a croissant.  The marshmallow represents Jesus as he was wrapped and prepared for burial. Wrapping Him up in the croissant is like putting him in the tomb.  Then you bake the yummy treat like you would a normal croissant. When it is done and cooled for a few minutes it is ready to crack open and find that Jesus is resurrected!
Where, oh where did that marshmallow go?
After stuffing our tummies yet again it was time to catch worms! Just call her "Worm Girl!"

Pierson had to test out his new vest and binoculars! Oh yeah there is my little explorer! I love the crooked helmet, plaid shorts, sandals and explorer vest look! ;)
Happy Easter! I hope your day was filled with as many giggles, treats and love as ours! Praise God He is alive!

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Kristi said...

What a day it was, floating minnows and all...
Glad that we got to spend it with you guys!