Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog-techy-people why do you make changes to the way this blog is set up and how I post things... You make me crazy.

To everyone else sorry for the delay in blogging. I had a great blog almost ready to publish about our nice weekend in Boone last weekend.... before I got a chance to edit it these blog people change how everything is set and and now I can't figure out how to get back to my saved blog entry or edit anything. UGH.


Kristi said...

You aren't the only one in crazy land.
Seems that they could have given us the option to "upgrade" or not. Don't know how many new tricks this old dog has left... ;)

Grandma Ann said...

Adam had that same bike experience as Pierson one year at Hilton Head. It took a while to figure out why the poor little guy was so tired. The next year he had a new big boy bike.