Monday, April 23, 2012

Lets just say that Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire know how to plan a great weekend! If you can't tell the kids think so too! 
We arrived in Boone around dinner time on Thursday evening and headed out to Mellow Mushroom for pizza. YUM!

The next morning we had a relaxing morning then headed out to hit the Greenway trial for a little bike riding.
Yeah I had to roll up my pant legs.. they were getting stuck in the chain.. and I have the hole in my pants leg to prove it. Hot right?! LOL
It was an awesomely relaxing ride. We rolled along at an easy pace. We stopped and playing in a creek.
Climbed some rocks. 
Pretended to be great explorers.  Well at least one of us. Maylin wasn't convinced by Pierson's acting skills.
We glided along. It was great and relaxing and the weather; we couldn't have ordered better weather!
For most of us the ride was perfectly smooth. For Pierson... the ride was long and tiresome. I had not realized how long his legs were getting in comparison to the height of his bike. He was pumping and pumping and pumping. Poor guy. A child's bike does not really lend to coasting. If you want to keep moving forward you have to keep peddling. For him that meant he was practically eating his knees. He was a trooper though.  We moved a little slower but kept on going. I guess we are going to need a new bike soon. His only request is that it be big and have brakes on the handles like ours were.
Conveniently where we started and ended the ride was an awesome playground.
We didn't hear any complaints about that. Only thing we heard was "Watch this!"
We topped the afternoon off with a stop for frozen yogurt! Followed later by delicious homemade spaghetti then settling down with in-home cinema 'Puss in Boots'. 
Great day! Thanks Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire


Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, what a lovely day. Can tell that you all enjoyed the bike ride. Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire surely know how to have fun!

Kristi said...

I'll have to get the location of the bike trail ~ that sounds like something our family would enjoy doing together!
Wonder if Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire would be open to a day trip with the M6?