Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So It Has Begun.

It has been a long time coming. My little girl started her first gymnastics class tonight. 
waiting her turn. 

 I can't even begin to tell you how great of a fit gymnastics is going to be for her. Not just gymnastics but this gym in particular.
Maylin... well... I can say this because I am her Mom (anyone else suggests this and Mommy claws come out) is strong willed. Sometimes she just wants to march to her own beat and be left alone.  
 This gym is going to be a perfect fit I can just tell. I know it was the first night and she may have been too scared to speak out of turn but this gym is so full of structure it is great! There were about 8-9 girls in Maylin's group. They weren't talking, but they were definitely having fun. They weren't running around instead they each waited patiently in line for their turn. They had one coach in their group and she commanded respect and attention. I never heard her raise her voice nor did I ever see a frown on her face.
 Not many people can get Maylin to stand at attention for a whole hour without her becoming bored or tired. She listened intently. Maylin and gymnastics are going to go so well together. It will give her a chance to be independent while also wofking in a group.
 The coach helping Maylin with her form before letting her flip over.
 I think she was having fun. :)

 The coach asked her if she knew how to do a handstand... Maylin showed her that she did! :) I love the coaches expression in this picture.
 Practicing cartwheels. Maybe we need a lesson in straight legs.
 Maylin made a friend. I am not sure they even exchanged words, but this little girl is Maylin's "best friend" now.
 Getting a few pointers.
 Learning the "TA DA" pose.
 Forwards roll...
 backwards roll...
 putting feet under the mat to do sit ups.
Before you knew it the hour had past. It was time to get a stamp and go home. I asked Maylin if she liked it and wanted to try again next week... "Oh yeah!" she said.
I think this gym is going to be a perfect fit!


Grandma Shultz said...

She is made for gymnastics! Out on our playground, in the fellowship hall at church, in the living room, etc - she is always trying something new with tumbling, flips, handstands. I can't wait to go observe her some evening at the gymn. She told me last night that she didn't have to every go back to soccer that she was now going only to the gymn! Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants!

Kathy said...

How exciting that she has found her niche. She is so strong and limber that I know she will excel. I love that she is so excited about her first night.

Kristi said...

I'm glad she has found a place to do something she loves in a place that she loves it! Guess ayi will do her share of sitting in on gymnastics meets and cheering her on one of these days.