Monday, January 30, 2012

Chaucer's Curiosity

Chaucer watching himself on TV.... 

He is such a curious funny dog.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Where's Pierson?

Funny Friday:
A lesson in camouflage. 

He makes me laugh! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Day Off and 5 Old Christmas Trees.

Makes for a GREAT fire! Yeah, I said five. The advantage of living in the country is that you can throw your old Christmas trees into the woods and forget about them... until you want them!
Last Monday we all had the day off, which seems to be a rare occasion around here. There is always something going on, someone has to be somewhere. But not this day.

The day began with Adam saying "What are we going to do?" as if we didn't know how to handle a whole day to ourselves. It was great. We had a couple of options and somehow they all seemed to revolve around just hanging out as a family. Something we don't get to do very often. Since coming back from Honduras I have been longing for a simpler life. A simple life with a purpose. I am praying about what that means for our family. I feel we are connected to Honduras now. Connected to the culture, the children and two awesome like-minded families... I digress.

So the Christmas trees... Adam had the great idea to burn this years Christmas tree since our family loves a bonfire. While they started the fire I ran to the store to get hot dogs and the fixin's for s-mores. When I got back my three "kids" were so excited to tell me that they had pulled a total of 5 old Christmas trees out of the woods to burn. You can imagine trees that have been dead in the woods for several years burned quickly and were now beautiful embers which were perfect for roasting hot dogs! Ah a glorious day!

Maylin pulled up her little chair to watch the fire burn. 

Pierson decided he would be on safety patrol. (I am pretty sure this pitcher of water wasn't going to help control five burning evergreens.) But I wouldn't dream of crushing his pride.
When I got back with the hot dogs the kids decided we needed seats so they ran to get some of the pool floats to sit on.

We brought out all of the fixin's for lunch and the kids made a 'table'.
I just love him! Hat hair and all!
Enjoying their hot dogs.
Adam roasting the dogs. Rusty (the horse) was a bit curious about what was going on but stayed back from the fire. (Unlike another four legged family member Chaucer who stepped in the fire last winter.) Notice he isn't in any of these pictures... this time he got left in the house!  Hot dogs, fires and Chaucer... deadly combination! ;)

A mouth full. Mmm Mmm good!

Oh the first first bite of a s'more! There is nothing like it!
That is when you know it is good! :)
The afternoon ended with a walk around the property.
Maylin swung on the curly tree

Pierson balanced his way up a narrow fallen tree.
And they collected... well... dead weeds. (but don't tell them that is what they are!)
Here is to day's off and simplicity! May there be many more!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So It Has Begun.

It has been a long time coming. My little girl started her first gymnastics class tonight. 
waiting her turn. 

 I can't even begin to tell you how great of a fit gymnastics is going to be for her. Not just gymnastics but this gym in particular.
Maylin... well... I can say this because I am her Mom (anyone else suggests this and Mommy claws come out) is strong willed. Sometimes she just wants to march to her own beat and be left alone.  
 This gym is going to be a perfect fit I can just tell. I know it was the first night and she may have been too scared to speak out of turn but this gym is so full of structure it is great! There were about 8-9 girls in Maylin's group. They weren't talking, but they were definitely having fun. They weren't running around instead they each waited patiently in line for their turn. They had one coach in their group and she commanded respect and attention. I never heard her raise her voice nor did I ever see a frown on her face.
 Not many people can get Maylin to stand at attention for a whole hour without her becoming bored or tired. She listened intently. Maylin and gymnastics are going to go so well together. It will give her a chance to be independent while also wofking in a group.
 The coach helping Maylin with her form before letting her flip over.
 I think she was having fun. :)

 The coach asked her if she knew how to do a handstand... Maylin showed her that she did! :) I love the coaches expression in this picture.
 Practicing cartwheels. Maybe we need a lesson in straight legs.
 Maylin made a friend. I am not sure they even exchanged words, but this little girl is Maylin's "best friend" now.
 Getting a few pointers.
 Learning the "TA DA" pose.
 Forwards roll...
 backwards roll...
 putting feet under the mat to do sit ups.
Before you knew it the hour had past. It was time to get a stamp and go home. I asked Maylin if she liked it and wanted to try again next week... "Oh yeah!" she said.
I think this gym is going to be a perfect fit!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pierson's Birthday!

Yes, Yes, Yes. I know I am a terrible Mom... Pierson's birthday was January 5th and, well... it is now Jan 17th... Sorry Buddy!
I may be late on the blog, but we did celebrate his day with much excitement. In that aspect we didn't miss a beat.. and I wasn't late. ;)
 Birthdays around here are not complete without making your own cake. Pierson wanted a strawberry cake with confetti icing, silver sprinkles and awesomely yellow and red sugar letters to spell out his special day.
 He just had to include everyone's names. (note he didn't have enough letters to spell Maylin so he had to settle for May).
 We celebrated on two nights. The second night (Friday night which made it easier to gather friends and family) Pierson decided to eat at a local favorite Thai restaurant. My kids love their noodles! I do too if I am being honest.
 Thursday (his birthday morning) he woke up to a pile of presents from various family members.
Here he is showing off his new Wii games from Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Claire! Thanks guys those have provided endless hours of fun!
He got a phone call from his cousins and Ayi (Aunt Kristi). They sang an awesomely loud version of Happy Birthday. Pierson was grinning from ear to ear! He loved it. PS M6 family Pierson has picked out a spot on Mom's property for you guys to build your new house... didn't know you were moving did you? Just ask the 7 year old... He knows best.

Daddy picked out something for him that made his eyes twinkle a little extra. He got electric drums. Every Sunday after church while Daddy is packing up his guitar and microphone Pierson sneaks up and practices the drums. We went for the electric drums because we knew he could plug earphones in and we would never have to hear loud crashing drums in the house... FYI  even with earphones they are still noisy! :) Oh well... it will be worth it some day... Right? ;)

Testing out the drums. 

 Birthday dinner. Since we were going out to diner the next night with friends we thought we would eat at home. His pick was Chinese food... I'll be honest Ramen noodles is about where my Chinese cooking skills ends. So... Daddy stopped on his way home! Chinese food it was! Delicious, quick and oh-so-easy!
 Kate and Andy brought over a cardboard rocket. It is super cool because you can color it yourself.
 Yep it took 4 adults to assemble, but it has been totally worth it. And YES I did need to be inside to help! ;)
Pierson giving Buzz and Spud Buzz a view from the cockpit. 
He slept well after two days of celebrating. Thanks Ayi, Uncle Ian and cousins for the "Daddy's School Pillow Pet".  Sweet dreams my sweet 7 year old.
"I love you and Jesus loves you!"