Monday, August 19, 2013

What's better than a treasure hunt?

A treasure hunt with lots of friends!
Pierson is always scheming up a treasure hunt for a birthday party. He has grand plans! His plans however usually have about two miles worth of walking involved.  
Since he has a winter birthday I decided to appease his birthday wish while it was still warm and while cousins were in town. We decided to expand the party by inviting even more friends which proved to A LOT of fun.  
When I told the kids to to dress-up either like pirates or princesses Pierson got a twinkle in his eye. He asked "What are we doing mom?" I simply told him we were having a Pirates and Princess party.
 When he finally realized were were about to embark on a treasure hunt he became a bit giddy.
All the kids gathered on the front porch. (I love Daniel's gangsta green gun!)
I conveniently 'found' the first clue which commenced the hunt. We let the oldest read the first clue and they were off!
The first clue had them all go down the sliding board before they could open the next.
They frantically read the next clue and
RAN as fast as they could!
 They climbed the fence to get the clue out of the (empty) birdhouse...
 Which led them to the magnolia tree...
 Which led them to the...
 grape vines...
 which led them to the blue gate...
 which led them to...
 The pirate ship in the pool! The last clue said
"Now that you've made it give three Cheers and a bow, grab a towel and your suits and go swimming NOW!"
 The crew was met with a 'snack loot' of GOLDfish, Pirate's Booty, and a jar of candy!
 Let the silliness commence!

 Lunch in the shade!
Argh! Silly boys!

That was a fun fun day! Kind of makes me want to plan another hunt! Anyone want to join in? :)


Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun day that was. Good friends, fun game and great time in the pool.

Kristi said...

Okay, so now I see that a treasure hunt isn't that hard to create. They LOVED it...maybe we'll have to make pirate hunts a summer tradition?