Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where Oh Where Has My Little Squirrel Gone

Apparently we have a squirrel nest behind our basketball goal. Occasionally we can hear it scratching around.  I thought it was cool and tried to see the squirrel. Pierson thought it was interesting and stood around for a while to see if he could get a glimpse. 
Maylin on the other hand became... well... obsessed. She wanted to see that squirrel! Not just a glimpse of it, but she wanted to see the whole thing. She pulled her ipod out and tried to use sounds to scare it out...
When that method didn't work she started trying nice music to lure it out.
She called to it and she whistled.
Pierson came back by and tried to knock on the wall and get it out.
A lot of time went by but Maylin's resolve to see that squirrel didn't waver. There aren't many things that keep Maylin's interest... apparently, however, squirrels are... well... just that interesting.

Here's to hoping that squirrel makes an appearance soon. :)


Kristi said...

I hope it comes out soon too...otherwise, knowing Maylin's determination, you are going to have to start taking her meals out there. :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Where oh where has the little squirrel gone? It was so cute watching them trying to get a good look at the squirrels. I was so hoping that they would see some babies up there. Maylin's patience was rather amazing.

Kathy said...

Maylin's focus is something to marvel at. Hope she finally got a look at her squirrel!