Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sugar, Gluten and Dairy oh my!

Our house has been sugar, gluten and dairy free since Mid August. 
Maylin has what one might call a sensitive tummy and we have been desperate to try to find a diet that doesn't hurt her belly. While on this diet her tummy has been doing much better but we aren't perfect just yet. 
Yeah, if you are thinking "what's left to eat?" You aren't alone. We eat a lot of berries and granny smith apples (other fruits are too sugary), green veggies (no carrots, peas or corn) organic chicken and or grass fed beef and some raw nuts (a few other things here and there).
              So... Monday when a nutritionist told us to eat what we now call 'junk' food for the next week (so that when she gets her blood work the ingredients that potentially bother her are in her system)  you have never seen Pierson do the happy dance so wildly! Maylin went back and forth between excitement and nervous questions like, "Am I going to be sick from this?"  "Mom, do you think this will hurt my belly?" 
 I let them pick a few things that I wouldn't have even bought pre-tummy troubles.
 It was extremely difficult to choose. (Pierson didn't stop dancing through the entire store)
 She went back and forth and back and forth trying to decide what type of cookie to get.

"Do we want this one? Or this one? Or this one?  Mom can we have all of them?"

We are two days into 7 days of 'bad eating'... So far it hasn't been too bad on the belly...
May all your grocery shopping experiences be as exciting as ours has been this week!

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Grandma Shultz said...

Best time I have ever seen at a grocery store!