Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 6 at the Beach

Less words... more pictures.  
Just have to show you all our fun! 

second round of donughts!

Tickle fest before hitting the beach!
"No. I'm not a tourist! What would give you that idea?"
"That seagull just ripped my sandwich right out of my hand!  Then he had the nerve to drop it in the sand!"
Grandma Patrol! (My mom and Ian's Mom)
nap time.
"Yeah! I'm cool!"
Playing with cousins. We had a special treat. My cousin Melanie was on her way from Charleston SC to the Baltimore area with her two girls and her niece. We were lucky enough to get a brief visit. It was a nice leg stretch for her girls ages 3 and 5. And it was really nice to catch up on life with Mel!
Kylie was the only one of our kids to have ever met Mel and her kids. So it was a super cool visit!
All of our boys in the water. Each afternoon we were lucky enough to get a great semi-tidal pool.  The water was still moving, but there was a sand bar blocking the big waves. The kids loved this time of day! 
Story time with Grandma!
Playing the "this is really fun" game. Thanks CCC staff... my kids think this is awesome!
Daniel playing peek-a-boo in my laundry hamper... yep all of our clothes were on the floor! 
The boys in Navy.
The girls in Navy.
All six in navy... Each night it was getting more and more difficult to convince them to take a picture.
Our sweet and sassy girls!
Our crazy older five!
Yep they are silly!

Besides Sun, Surf and Ice Cream we have another tradition at the beach. Each year we head to "Saint Nick Nacks" and let the kids pick out an ornament for the Christmas tree. There are MANY things to break in this store so Adam and I each took a child and let them explore and pick the perfect ornament.  I was with Maylin.
I don't think she remembered this from last year. At that point she didn't understand English or Christmas, let alone the point of ornaments. This year she was in AWE. In the most amazed yet calm and quiet voice she said "Mommy this is wonderful! Santa made all of this for Jesus!"
Awestruck she walked around in amazement. She carefully chose her ornament after looking at MANY. When she saw one she liked and asked me to remember where it was in case that was the one she ended up wanting to buy. Eventually she picked a Christopher Radco-ish Hello Kitty face.  Pierson picked a soccer ball in a similar style.
After paying for all of our ornaments Uncle Ian Played "Ringmaster" with the kids. You know, the game you swing a ring and try to catch it on a hook?

Right across the street was the Ice Cream shop. You just can't pass an ice cream shop at the beach.
The kids took their yearly picture in front of Scoop and Dip.


Grandma Shultz said...

What a week! It just went by much too quickly. Warmed my heart to see the bond between the six grandchildren growing each day. They traded shoes and clothes. Maylin and Kylie even traded dresses the last day (to wear on their drives home) so "they would remember each other". Delightful!

Kristi said...

The visit from Mel and her girls was a fun surprise!
And I just love Maylin's reaction to the Christmas shop. She's such a sweet spirit in a tough nugget exterior.