Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 4 at the Beach

The day started with plenty of time in the water and in the sand. We definitely are, by definition "Beach Bums"! Many people I know go to the beach and spend at least one day doing other things and never go to the shore. Not our family! If we don't spend at least 5 hours a day on the beach we have wasted the day! 
Daniel, the newest member of the Beach Bums, fit right into the family.
Ouch! Daredevil he IS! Don't be fooled. Not even a nose dive like this will keep this kid out of the water.
Maylin enjoyed the water and waves with no fear, however she REALLY loved spending time building sand castles or just digging holes.
Daniel likes to pull things... anything...
Kylie contributing to the castle building.
"That's not exactly right Daddy." Maylin inspects Pierson and Daddy's architecture. Notice the cute sun visors the kids are sporting. Thanks Grandma! They love them!

Pierson is very proud of his final masterpiece complete with bridges, moats, walls and towers. He is my little future engineer.

As much as this family likes the sand and surf I would be remiss not to mention the fact that we also greatly appreciate the food available to consume at the beach.
These cutie pies are kicking their feet not because they know they are the cutest girls in town but because they know they are about to consume crab legs! 
Every year we head out to get delectable crab legs! It is something we all look forward to! 
Can't you feel Caleb's enthusiasm? Poor little guy. This is what he looked like until the moment the food came out. 
Uncle Adam don't do it!
Oh wait he liked it! : )
 This little guy is quickly becoming the clown of the family! He does things just to make other people laugh. I think he and Pierson will be quite a pair when they get a little older!
Pierson was enjoying the view from his seat at dinner. I am not sure which he enjoyed more the food or watching the turtles in the water?
6 Caucasian adults (Kristi was taking the picture) and 6 Asian children. Yeah, we get a lot of second glances.
 I love it though! Not the second glances part, but the fact that I can't classify my family as primarily one race or another. It is something that I have to keep on the forefront of my mind. We are not a Caucasian family. We are a mixed race family who come from different cultures. I don't want my kids to ever feel like I believe the culture I have been raised in is superior to the culture they were born into.  They come from traditions far older than any American traditions. While many of their traditions are centered around false gods and religion there are plenty which aren't. I hope to be able to keep part of those alive in my kids so they never forget where they came from.

In the meantime we are making traditions we can all cherish. Eating snow crab at Joe's is just one of those.
Taking lots of pictures is another.
And the eating goes on! The kids were mesmerized by the guy making saltwater taffy! That guy was a good sport. He tapped back on the glass after the kids knocked, he smiled and waved, but most importantly he motioned for them to come inside and get a free sample!
As good as it was, one little piece of taffy wasn't going to cut it as a 'desert'! On the ride back to Sunset the "Hot Donuts Now" sign had a strange magnetic pull to it. All three cars in our caravan mysteriously drifted into the Krispy Kreme donut shop! It must have been fate. A box of 12 hot donuts were waiting for the 12 of us to consume...
and consume we did!

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Kristi said...

Can we go back? Cause the beach is much better than this sending tearful kids to school thing.
And I hardly even notice the second glances anymore...