Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2 Going and Coming with Smiles

After the morning we had yesterday my sister recommended we get the book "The Kissing Hand".
It is about a little racoon who is scared to go to school but his Mommy gives him a kiss on his hand. She then tells him to hold onto the kiss and any time he gets lonely through the day open it up and remember Mommy is in his heart.
The evening got a little crazy last night with soccer practice and Praise team practice. So we read the book to him this morning while he was eating breakfast.
The book came complete with a sheet of stickers to remind him or Mommy's kiss.
All too soon it (way to early in the morning) it was time to head up to the top of the drive for the bus stop. Pierson sat in the front seat pretending to drive while he waited for the bus. (Yes, I was holding the keys).
There it was! Pierson jumped up barely gave me a kiss and hurried to the bus! I think he was afraid it would leave him. : )
There he was. My baby boy sitting on the bus like a big boy waving to me with a huge smile! I wasn't sure if I was thrilled that he was excited or sad that he was excited? A mom's heart has so many mixed emotions.

Maylin and I spent the day watching a little Scooby Doo and painting. Right on time we headed up the driveway to wait for the bus to bring Pierson home.

 It wasn't long before he was there smiling and running down the steps. I thought he was going to trip and tumble due to his excitement. Our conversations went something like this.

Me: "Did you use my kisses in your hand?"
Pierson: "Yep, like one hundrwed times. All over my face!"
I bet he didn't get any strange looks for that?

Me: "What did you do at school?"
Pierson; "Umm... went to the pwayground and teacher gave us ice cream!" 
Well we know what is important to him right?

Me: "Pierson do you have pretty girls in your class?"
Pierson: "SHURE I do! A loc of dem! I love dat! as he squints his eyes, raises his eyebrows and puckers his lips. "I kiss two of dem on de bus!"

Oh No! I think I am in trouble! At least he had a great day!


Larry and Carol said...

What a difference a day makes. The joy is in his face. Great pictures.

Kristi said...

Glad you caught him getting off the bus this time. :) And I'm glad that the book maybe helped a bit. Wonder if he was really kissing the girls or just pressing the sticker to their face?