Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The Draft"

Mommy Bear wasn't at all sure how I felt about there being a "draft" for the 5-6 year old soccer team. As it turned out it wasn't so bad. It was just a way of making sure the biggest and quickest kids didn't all get on the same team.  Pierson and Maylin had no reservations about it though! They were thrilled to get to wear numbers on their backs! (We went to diner afterwards and Pierson wanted to leave his number on because he wanted "Erybody to know I a soccer team.")

The coaches lined them all up and had them kick a ball towards the goal... I say towards because most of the balls didn't quite make it! :)
Pierson was going for the precision kick. He took his time made sure he was holding his foot in the proper position and let it go.
Maylin on the other hand went full steam ahead! She didn't slow down a bit she just ran up and kicked that ball with everything she had.
The "draft" didn't take long. It was pretty cute to watch the kids all feel like they were winners!
Afterwards Pierson and his former classmate kicked the ball around together. They chased each other as much as they did the ball. This is the girl Pierson consistently claims as his favorite friend in school. This is also the girl who convinced Pierson to put a silver bead in his each of his ears.
Me: Pierson what made you think putting those things in your ears was a good idea?
Pierson: ...Madison told me to.
Me: sigh.
I guess I understand his thought process. She definitely is a cutie and super sweet! ;)
Maylin likes Madison too. And she thinks she is pretty cool hanging out with soon-to-be first graders!
We don't know if Madison is on our team yet or not... here's to hoping!

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