Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Used to Babysit Him?

I definitely didn't teach him this! (Nick was "taking Pierson to bed")
 It is amazing how time flies. It seems like yesterday I was doing everything in my power to keep Nick and his brother Aaron from killing each other. Of course their horseplay was all in fun. They were always laughing... I was usually on the verge of tears! The term baby sitting was literal with these two. I remember sitting on Aaron to keep him from trying to "take down" his bigger brother. He didn't appreciate it then but I was trying to save his life.  A few weeks ago Nick and his wife (ugh it makes me feel ancient to say that) came to visit us for the weekend. We walked around the property and remembered old times. Most of those memories added an extra grey hair to my head.
 Pierson and Maylin however were in heaven! They were loving the attention they were getting from Crazy Nick and sweet Liz.
 For nostalgia sake Nick took the tractor for a ride to the "big bottom meadow".  After Nick was old enough he would come and do some work around the farm to make a couple extra dollars here and there. If he could figure out a way to drive the tractor to do any of those chores he did. I remember the one and only time I have driven that thing Nick and I were clearing a fallen tree off the road. This time the rolls were reversed, I took him out.  Let's just say he was between the tractor and the tree when I started going forward. : ).
 I can't believe I am about to utter these words but he has grown up a little bit. He actually went very slow with the tractor so that Pierson and Maylin could take a ride as well. Yeah, Nick just earned some cool points in their books!
 The bottom meadow had grown up quite a bit (taller than the kids) so Nick made a couple of swipes around the perimeter so that the kids could have a nature trail and have access to the creek again.
 Nick showing them how to drive the tractor... not sure that was the best plan! We'll definitely have to hide the keys now!
 Maylin really liked Liz. She is a saint in my book too. Anyone with patience enough to marry Nick wins an award! :) I can say that because he is like a little brother and he knows I love him... enough so that he and his brother were able to land spots as ushers in my wedding.
 Taking a dip in the creek.
 If you'll notice we were walking back. Whatever makes the steering wheel steer broke. OOPS. (never fear Nick, it is already fixed).
 Some things never change. You can take the boy out of childhood, but you can't take the childhood out of the boy!

Oh Liz my dear... may you have girls! : )


Cassie said...

nice moustache :)

Kristi said...

Oh the memories of watching Nick and his little bro...
I'm sure P totally loved him!